100 Endurance chords by Yard Act

On the 21st of January 2022, the track was released. The track was written by James Smith (UK).

100 Endurance

Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: F
  • Chords: Bbmaj7, F, C, Am7
  • BPM: 115
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
 Bbmaj7 – x13231
F – 133211
C – x32010
Am7 – x02010
 Bbmaj7 – 3210
F – 2010
C – 0003
Am7 – 0000
Bbmaj7 F I was woken by a bang C And I could already taste the pain,

The sudden fear that grips and shakes

You when you face the truth
F Who’s sofa was this?

Where were my shoes?
What did we do last night?
I don't remember leaving Nathan's house
Aw yeah, how could I forget
Why my pants were soaking wet,

When we'd pissing ourselves
Laughing at the news
Did you see it too? It was incredible,
They played it on a loop

We couldn't believe it
Basically, they’d discovered that
there were others, just like us,

other beings other creatures
Am7 Other planets and other species who had

Other gods that they believed in
Bbmaj7 And they interviewed all of them

And every one of them,

Not one, could give any hint

Of a clue what they were
Doing here either [Chorus]
Bbmaj7 It’s all so pointless,
it is and that’s beautiful

I find it humbling, sincerely
Bbmaj7 When you’re gone,
It brings me peace of mind

To know that this will all just

Carry on with someone else
Bbmaj7 Someone else, something new,
No need to be blue
Bbmaj7 Everything has already happened,
Time is an illusion
F C It’s hippy bulls**t but it’s true,
Come on come on come on come on yeah

[Verse] F Now we’re off to meet them

So pack your weapons
C Don’t want them thinking they can pull a

Fast one on us now do we Graham?
F “It’s alright, I’ve fought more wars than

I’ve had hot dinners”
Sure you have, but the key to
Peace lies within us and

We would have already achieved

It if everyone was
As enlightened as me Bbmaj7 Am7 It’s hippy bulls**t but it’s true,
Bbmaj7 Am7
Watch me explode
Bbmaj7 It’s all so pointless, ah

But it’s not though is it
Am7 It’s really real and when

You feel it you can really feel it
Bbmaj7 Grab somebody that you love,

Grab anyone who needs to hear it
Am7 And shake them by the shoulders,

Scream in their face
Bbmaj7 “Death is coming for us

All but not today,
Am7 Today you’re living it,

Hey you’re really feeling it
Bbmaj7 Give it everything

You’ve got knowing that

You can’t take it with

you and all you
Am7 Ever needed to exist has

Always been within you”
Bbmaj7 Give me some of that

Good stuff, that human spirit
Am7 F Cut it with a hundred percent endurance [Chorus]
Bbmaj7 Am7 It’s all so pointless, it sure is Bbmaj7 When you’re gone, it makes me
Stronger knowing that this

Will all just carry on

with someone else
Bbmaj7 Am7 Someone else, something new N.C. It’s not like there’s

going to be nothing is it

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