All Is Forgiven Chords by Jellyfish

The track was produced by Andy Sturmer, Jack Joseph Puig, Albhy Galuten & Roger Joseph Manning Jr. The track is from the album Spilt Milk.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: Fm
  • Chords: Ebsus2, Cm11, Fsus2, B, Bbm, Cm7, Fm, Eb, C, Db, F, F7, Gm, G, Ab, Bb
  • BPM: 126
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
All Is Forgiven

Track Info

B Bbm Ebsus2 [Verse]
Ebsus2 Heal me darling Cm7 Pleaded the playboy bedroom eyes Ebsus2 Grace your sunshine Cm7 Till everything's ok, alright, fine [Chorus]
Fm Eb Fm What's hers is his Fm Eb C Fm 'Cause everything is
Forgiven, forgiven
Fm Eb Though he soured the milk of human kindness Db All is forgiven (all is forgiven) [Verse]
Ebsus2 Truth and avarice Cm7 Encircle his words like a barberpole Ebsus2 Twisted and useless Cm7 Till they disappear in her camisole

(goodnight alibi)
Fm Eb Fm Throw away your

Daggers and pills
Fm Eb C Fm 'Cause everything's still
Forgiven, forgiven
Fm Though he bit off the nipple of
Human kindness (all is forgiven)
Ebsus2 Cm7 Ebsus2 Cm7 [Bridge]

F Hypocrite, four flusher,
Snake in the grass
Fsus2 Just a swindler and wolf in
Sheep's clothing, liar
F Yes, he tries to hide the

Cross he bears
F7 But splinters, like the
Truth have always risen
Gm All is forgiven F Yeah, though he shelters in the G Shade of the wings of a stool pigeon Ab All is forgiven [Instrumental]
Ab F Db Bb [Verse]
Ab Heal me darling F Pleaded the playboy bedroom eyes Db Grace your sunshine Bb Till everything's ok, alright, fine Ab Truth and avarice F Encircle his words like a barberpole Db Twisted and useless Bb Till they disappear in her

Camisole (goodnight alibi)
Ab F Bb All is forgiven

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