All Night Parking chords by Adele with Erroll Garner

On the 19th of November 2021, the track was released. The track was written by Adele & Erroll Garner.

All Night Parking

Track Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: Ab
  • Chords: Gmaj7, Em7, Am7, D7, G, E7, Em
  • BPM: 128
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
Gmaj7 – 320002
Em7 – 020000
Am7 – x02010
D7 – xx0212
G – 320003
E7 – 020100
Em – 022000
Gmaj7 – 0222
Em7 – 0202
Am7 – 0000
D7 – 2223
G – 0232
E7 – 1202
Em – 0402

Here are the chords for “All Night Parking“.

Gmaj7 Em7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7 Em7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7 Em7 Am7 D7 [Verse]
G Am7 D7 I know you've got things to do (I do too) G Em7 Am7 I just wanna spend all my time
with you (It feels so good)
G E7 I'm so hard to impress, don't leave
Am7 D7
me on this stretch alone
G E7 When I'm out at a party, I'm
Am7 D7
just excited to get home
G E7 Am7 D7 And dream about you all night long G Em7 Am7 I don't know how you got through to me
(I'm so cold)
G Em7 Am7 It's all happenin' so easily
(Like, oh my God)
G Em7 It's so hard to digest, usually
Am7 D7
I'm best alone
G But every time that you text I want to

Em7 Am7 D7
get on the next flight home
G Em7 Am7 D7 And dream next to you all night long
G Em7 Am7 Maybe it's the way you remind me of
(Where I come from)
G Em7 Am7 Or how you made me feel beautiful
(And thеn some)
G The sight of you is dramatic,
E7 Am7 D7
one glimpsе and I panic inside
G I get lost in our hours

E7 Am7
'cause you possess powers I can't fight
D7 G E7 Am7 D7 That's why I dream about you all night long [Outro]
G Em7 Am7 D7 All night long G Em Am7 All night

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