Black Friday sales 2022: An overview, how to get the best deals, launching date

If you’re a guitar enthusiast or planning to buy a new guitar, then this is the right time for you.  Now you can save hundreds of dollars, But you must be wondering how so. So let me explain to you. As every year this year also the BLACK FRIDAY SALES are approaching and you will get mind-boggling offers and deals from guitars to amps.

Black Friday Sale


So basically after Thanksgiving in the US i.e on the 25th of November, all the giants & best guitar companies of all the brands drop their prices at incredibly low prices. Overall this is the world’s biggest sale event of the year. You can get exciting discounts for guitars, amps, software and many more. These offers are probably the start of Christmas shopping.


Officially the deals will be unlocked from the 25th of November after Thanksgiving in Us. It will be the best time to purchase presents for you and as well as for your dear ones. There is no fixed time for starting the sale, but it will be good to keep your eyes open at the stores all the time. 


As per last year’s reports, we saw great mind-blowing deals for guitarists, in the same way, this year we are also expecting offers. If you want to grab this opportunity you’ve to keep your eyes open all the time on these major guitar retailers. Black Friday is also popular among guitarists to purchase electric guitars. According to last year’s report, we saw a stunningly low price on our favourite Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro at around $100, Schecter C-1 at $170 and many more.

So during the sales, if you find your favourite electric guitar at an incredibly low cost then don’t try to waste your time by searching the prices in other stores. Just do the payment process and find your favourite Guitar holding in your hands and enjoy playing on Christmas. A competitor Amazon and Walmart will also not keep their hands back. They will also provide a huge discount on all electronic gadgets including Wireless headphones and Amazon Echo devices

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What a musician can expect from the Deals?

So if you’re a musician or run your own recording studio you can get a bunch of offers including guitar ( Acoustic, electric), top-notch quality amps, pedals, mic, mic stands and more accessories. For those who are doing home recording or planning to start their own studio, this is the best time to buy all the stuff.  Not only on accessories you can get heavy discounts on many software also, like as high as 50% on BIAS FX2 and AMP 2 software. Looking for good deals from big brands like Boss, JHS, Line 6, MXR and also from DigiTech. Since it has been years now covering these big deals we are eagerly waiting for this deal also. 


Now after getting what is black Friday and its deal offers you must be wondering how to grab these offers and for that we will help you to guide and save time.

So Below there are some links directly to the store:-

Amazon: get early deals on guitars & accessories, and great discounts on Amazon devices.

Guitar centre: you can save up to 15% on purchases over $199

Sweetwater: hack to get an early offer even before the sale goes live, just go to Sweetwater early for this sale

Musicians friend: save up to 40%on music gadgets

Walmart: when it comes to discounts how can we forget Walmart, you can get a variety of guitars and accessories

Positive Grid: you can get up to $60 off on bias fx 2, for additional you can also use code to get 30-35% off on amp bundles. Positive grid is a great source to buy amps and software. 

Thomann: from cables to instruments you can get all this in a single store, doesn’t matter where you are from Uk, the USA or Europe they are everywhere. 

Fender play: As a musician, if you want to learn advanced skills and become a pro then no other site is better than this. Fender play provides you lessons for your favourite song and you can even learn it anytime and anywhere. They have almost 50000 reviews of 5 stars. 


This year Black Friday is going to start on 25 November(Friday) and will go on till  28 November.  However, if you missed any deal some stores still run their deals you can check that out. 

What if I missed the deal?

If you lose the deal or due to any inconveniences you missed the opportunity don’t get stressed.

i) re-visit the store and check the availability of the product

ii) if you cannot find your products in a single Store you can go with the other options.

iii) some stores extend their discount period till December also.

i) grab it now as you will get it.


If you’re very much excited to purchase and cannot wait for the sales you can purchase them before the sales go live or started.

Must be wondering how so let me explain.

First click on the above site’s link given, there you will be redirected to the store’s page some stores are running pre-black Friday sales from there you can get them at a great discounted price and enjoy your holiday.

Expectations: Should we wait for these sales or it’s just a marketing tactic for consumers?

If this question is wandering in your head then let me tell you waiting for this sale is totally worth it since the past year’s sales record has proven people get satisfying products in these sales. 

Let’s check some prices of the Guitar that were heavily discounted:-

1)Gretsch G2420T streamliner which cost around $550 but in offer time it was around $350

2) Epiphone Traditional Pro ES-335 which cost around $600 in sales time. It was $480.

3) ESP LTD EC – 401QM which originally cost around $900 in sales was around $700.

Now, you can estimate the prices and discounts.

**Disclaimer: This page contains Amazon Affiliate & Other Affiliate Links.

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