Deep Indigo ukulele chords by rachie

On the 3rd of September 2021, the track was released.

Deep Indigo

Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(E A D G B E )
  • Chords: Em, G, D, C, Bm, Em/G
  • Key: G
These days that never change,
              G                    D
laying in the blur of a deep blue indigo
  C             G  D
Below a fading sky
I heard the same today,
the thundering applause that as always never came
    C              Bm                       Em
The song I sang as empty as the life I waste
G           D
Woooaaaahh, woooaaaah,
   C       Bm      Em/G
Oh wooaah, wooaah, woooaaah
So things would never change
                  G                   D
I wrote inside my notebook, a far off fairytale,
    C        D        G
the starring role you played
This month is empty too,
I’m cut off from the world, society, all the news
My life slowly drips away,
like the ink I write in
As I’ve gotten older,
this dream from my younger by gone years,
   D                C
it slowly starts to fade…
And all I can do is wait
     C                     G       D       Em
When I, when I look up and see the clouds above
         C                         G   D
They all just, just pass me by and disappear
    C                        Em
The night sky full of petals dancing in the wind
        C            D            G
So much so it almost feels like a dream
                 C               D      G
Like the way I’m losing sight of you it seems
My eyes, they point straight down,
          G                 D
realizing now that life is nothing but
    C         D         G
one trade off after the next…
I don’t believe in fate,
or love or life or
things they play on the radio
      Em                                     D
There isn’t any use for things that can’t be sold
The now I so wanted,
I threw in the trash bin,
                    D            C
and watching it all slowly fade away…
I’m lying still here in wait
     C                     G       D     Em
Just now, just now I saw a distant image of you
    C                       G         D
far out of sight when I had closed my eyes
   C                            Em
My notebook filled with flowers dancing in the night
         C            D       G
Like the one I hold inside my eyes
        C                   D 
Life is just, one trade off after another
G                               Em 
Something that I learnt quick as I got older
  C             D
Elma, it’s been you y’know
    G                                Em
The music I’ve been listening that’s kept me going
C                      D 
  Two verses left, not even worth mentioning
G               Em
  Since life is priced as…
N.C.                 D         C
  how tragically the storyline ends
G D Em C G D Em 
     C          D 
Just then, just then,
           G             Em
I saw your picture in my mind
      C        G
Oh despite, despite the blue
that blurs your smile
      C      D
Those petals dancing on
    G               Em
the wind across the sky
       C           D        G
As the indigo blue fills my eyes
     Em        C G D
Cause I, cause I….
  C         D               Em     G       D 
I thought I saw you dancing in the distant sky
        C               D      G
Carried by the wind and out of sight

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