Frozen – LET IT GO CHORDS by Idina Menzel

Learn to play “Let It Go Chords” from Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). The song is sung by Idina Menzel for Disney’s animated movie Frozen.

Let It Go Chords

Track Info

  • Song: Let It Go
  • Artist: Idina Menzel
  • Produced by: Idina Tom MacDougall, Chris Montan,
    Christophe Beck, Robert Lopez & Kristen
  • Album: Frozen
  • (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Chords Info

The song is in F minor scale, so to play the song we need six chords as mentioned below. We can play this song without a capo in F minor Scale with its relative chords. For an easy method, we can use the capo.

  • Scale: Fm
  • Chords: Fm, C#, D#, A#m, Cm, B
  • Capo: 1st Fret
  • (After Capo): Em, C, D, Am, Bm, Bb
  • Suggested Strumming: DU DU DU DU

Chords Structure

  • Em – 022000
  • C – x32010
  • D – xx0232
  • Am – x02210
  • Bm – x24432
  • Bb – x13331


[Em]The snow glows white on the mountain ton[C]ight
[D]Not a footprint to be se[Am]en
[Em]A kingdom of iso[C]lation, and it [Am]looks like I’m the Quee[Am]n
[Em]The wind[C] is howling like this [D]swirling storm i[Am]nside
[Em]Couldn’t keep it in;[D] Heaven knows I’ve[A] tried
[D]Don’t let them in, don’t let them see[C]
Be the good girl you always
have to be[D]
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them [C]know
[C]Well now they know


Let it g[G]o, let [D]it go
[Em]Can’t hold it back any m[C]ore
[G]Let it go, let [D]it go
[Em]Turn away and slam the d[C]oor
[G]I don’t care [D]
[Em]What they’re going to sa[C]y
[Bm]Let the storm r[Bb]age on,
the cold[C] never bothered me anyway



[G] [D]


[Em]It’s funny how some dis[C]tance
[D]Makes everything seem sm[Am]all
[Em]And the fears that once controll[D]ed me
[A]Can’t get to me at all
[D] It’s time to see what I can do [C]
To test the limits and break thr[D]ough
[C]No right, no wrong, no rules for me
[C]I’m free


[G]Let it go, let i[D]t go
[Em]I am one with the wind and sky [G]
[G]Let it go, let i[D]t go
[Em]You’ll never see[C] me cry
[G]Here I sta[D]nd
[Em]And here[C] I stay
[Bm]Let the storm ra[Bb]ge on



[C]My power flurries through the air into
the ground
M[C]y soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
[D]And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
[E] I’m never g[C]oing back, the [D]past is in the p[Am]ast[C]


Let it g[G]o, let it go [D]
[Em]When I’ll rise like the break of[C] dawn
[G]Let it go, let [D]it go
[Em]That perfect girl is [C]gone

[G]Here I sta[D]nd in the [Em]light of
d[C]ay [C#m]
[B]Let the storm ra[Bb]ge on,
[C]The cold never bothered me anyway


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