FULL STOP CHORDS Guitar, Ukulele & Piano – Jeremy Zukcer

Learn to play “Full Stop Chords” by Jeremy Zucker from the album Love Is Not Dying. Easy Guitar, Piano & Ukulele Chords with Strumming patterns.

Full Stop Chords
Full Stop Chords

Full Stop Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
  • Key: B
  • Chords: B, A, E, F#m, C#m
  • Suggested Strumming:
    D= Down Stroke, U = Up Stroke, N.C= No Chords

Full Stop Chords Structures

Guitar Ukulele
B – x24442,
A – X02220
E – 022100
F#m – 244222
C#m – x46654

Esus2 – xx2452
B – 4322
A – 2100
E – 4442
F#m – 2120
C#m – 1444

Esus2 – 4422


   A                E
You'll never see me to the core
B                 F#m    E
All the ways I've been before
        A                   E
You'll learn to see there's so much more to
 C#m     B

[Verse 1]

       A                     E
Can't you see I'm here all alone?
       C#m                   B
Can't you see I'm far from home?
  A                          E
Even when I'm dreamin' the most
      C#m                    B
I keep my deepest fears too close
And I should know by now
It's better if I calm down
It's better if I lash out
                        B  Esus2
Instead of clinging on to
I wanna be with someone
I wanna feel somethin'
Instead of holdin' onto
                   B Esus2
Holdin' onto nothin'
(Holdin' onto me)


I can't believe we're so similar
                   B          C#m
Waitin' for the leaves to change
     E           A        E
Wishin' I could be
                 B         C#m     E A E
Prayin' I could be the same
Give me that one

[Verse 2]

   A                                E  A
Science can't explain the divine
C#m                             B
I swear I get let down most times
A                             E
Plato couldn't keep love in lines
         A          C#m
So I keep tryin' and tryin' and tryin'
But I'm not done


           A                     E
Will the solace in art fill the hole in my
Well, inside, I'm growing tired of
       C#m      B
conversations, ah
 A                           E
If I had a soul that was painted in gold
Then I'd keep draggin' it down in the dirt
until I'm not wrong
B      A
So assume
       E                          B
We could both lie in the setting sun
   C#m         B                  A
I'll be on my way before we're done

Full Stop Track Info

  • Song: Full Stop
  • Artist: Jeremy Zucker
  • Album: Love is Not Dying
  • Producer: Jeremy Zucker

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