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Learn to play “Hallelujah Chords” by HAIM

Haim – Hallelujah Chords Info

The song is in the G# major key. To play this song in an easy method, we transpose 1fret by using a capo.

  • Key: G#
  • Capo: 1st Fret
  • Chords (With Capo): G, Am, C, D, Em, F
  • Suggested Strumming: DUDUDUDU
D = Down Stroke
U = Up Stroke

Chords Structures

Capo 1st FretWithout Capo
G – 320003, 355433
D – xx0232, x54232
C – x32010
Am – x02210
Em – 022000
G# – 466544
D# – x65232
C# – x43121
Bbm – x13321
Fm – 133111


[C] [G] [C] [G]

[Verse 1: Danielle]

[Am]I met two [D]angels but [G]they were in [C]disguise
[Am] Took one [G]look to rea[C]lize
[Am]Tell ‘em [D]anything and [G]they will sympa[C]thize
[Am] These [G]arms hold [C]me tight
[Am]Old [D]fears, helped to [G]ease them in my [C]mind
[Am]New [D]tears say that [G]they will [C]dry in time

[Refrain: Danielle]

[G]Why [G]me? How’d I get this halle[C]lujah?

[Verse 2: Este, Danielle]

[Am]Laughing to[D]gether like our [G]thoughts are harmo[C]nized
[Am]Been that [G]way since ‘ninety [C]five
[Am]Give me di[D]rection when [G]it is hard to [C]fight
[Am] Three [G]roads, one [C]light
[Am] Now and [D]then I can [G]lean my back to [C]yours
[Am] Trave[D]lin’ like our [G]feet don’t touch the [C]floor

[Refrain: Danielle]

[Am] Why [G]me? How’d I get this halle[C]lujah?
Halleluj[Em]ah…[D]ah halle[C]luj[Em]ah..[D]ah
Why [G]me? How’d I [Em]get this halle[F]lujah?[Am]

[Verse 3: Alana]

I had a [D]best friend but [G]she has come to [C]pass
[Am]One I [G]wish I could [C]see now
[Am7]You always [D]remind me [G]that memories will [C]last
[Am]These [G]arms rea[C]ch out
[Am]You were [D]there to pro[G]tect me like a [C]shield
[Am] Long [G]hair running with me through the [C]field
[Am]Every[D]where, [G]you’ve been with me all a[C]long

[Refrain: Danielle]

[Am]Why [D]me? How’d I [G]get this halle[C]lujah?
[Am]Why [G]me? How’d I get this halle[C]lujah?
[Am]Why [G]me? How’d I get this halle[C]lujah?

Song Credit

  • Song: Hallelujah
  • Artist: HAIM
  • Written By: Tobias Jesso Jr., Danielle Haim, Este Haim & Alana Haim
  • Produced by: Rostam, Ariel Rechtshaid & Danielle Haim
  • Album: H3*


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