Jason Aldean – I Don’t Drink Anymore Chords

I Don’t Drink Anymore Chords by Jason Aldean

Introducing “I Don’t Drink Anymore Chords” Jason Aldean

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I Don’t Drink Anymore Chords

I Don’t Drink Anymore Chords Info

  • Key: A
  • Chords: A, Bm, C#m, D, E
  • Suggested Strumming: DU DU DU DU

Chords Structure

  • A – x02220, 577655
  • Bm – x24432
  • C#m – x46654
  • D – xx0232, x57775
  • E – 02210, x76454

Track Info

Song: I Don’t Drink Anymore
Artist: Jason Aldean
Guitar By: Mike Johnson
Bass Guitar by: Tully Kennedy
Written By: Neil Thrasher, Kelley Lovelace & CJ Solar
Produced by: Michael Knox
Album 9


[Bm] [A]
[Bm] [D] [A]

[Verse 1]

She don’t [Bm]like this bar
[D] She don’t [A]like my
She thinks we [Bm]party
too hard
She said it’s [A]me or them
She said I [Bm7]need to change my ways
[A]Boy you got a [D]choice to make


So [C#m]I don’t drink [Bm7]anymore
Ever since [A]she left
I don’t [Bm]drink anymore
And I [D]don’t drink any l[A]ess

[Verse 2]

She picked a [Bm7]bad time
To try and [A]slow me down
And this ain’t [Bm]a good night
To try and [A]turn me around
I still like [Bm]to get crazy nothing new
[A]Still [D]like to have a few[A]


But I don’t dri[Bm]nk anymore
Ever since [A]she left
I don’t dri[Bm]nk anymore
And I don’t [D]drink any le[A]ss

[Verse 3]

I didn’t [Bm]want her to go
And it’s not [D]that I don’t [A]give a damn
I just want [Bm]someone to wa[D]nt me
For [E]who I am
And this is who I am[Bm]
[A] [Bm] [D] [A]


She said I [Bm]need to change my ways
[A]Boy you [D]got a choice to make


So [A]I don’t dri[Bm]nk any more
Yeah toni[A]ght you can bet
I don’t dri[Bm]nk any more
And I don’t[D] drink any le[A]ss
Well I don’t [Bm]drink any more
And I don’t [D]drink any le[A]ss
[Bm] [A]
[Bm] [D] [A]

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