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Learn to play “Intezaar Chords” By Arijit Singh & Asees Kaur, composed by Mithoon.

Intezaar Chords Info

It is very interesting to play this song because of its chords variations, the song is in the D major scale. At the end of this song, scale raise one note higher as D to D#

  • Scale: D major
  • Chords: D, Bm, G, F#m, A, Em, Em7
  • Suggested Strumming: DUDU D DUDU D
D = Down Stroke
U = Up Stroke

Chords Structures

Chords Structures
D – xx0232
Bm – x24432
F#m – 244222
F# – 244322
G – 320003
A – x02220

Em – 022000


[D] [Bm] [D] [Bm]

[F#]Na na na [G]na [Bm]
[F#]Na na na [G]na [A]

[D]Phir kahin dil ne meh[Bm]soos kiya tha
[D]Ikk dafa phir se [Em]zinda ye hua [Bm]tha
[F#m]Nazar jo aaya tu [G] toh jeena aa[Bm]ya
[F#m]Nazar se phir kyun [G]tu ghum ho ga[A]ya
Pal mein hi

Haan tera in[D]tezaar [G]hai
Ka[A]haan karaar [F#m]hai
Hai teri [D]aas hi dil [G]ko
Haan [A]beshumaar [F#m]hai
[Bm]Bayaan karoon kai[G]se
Tera [A]intezaar [Bm]hai
Tera in[A]tezaar [Bm]hai
Tera in[A]tezaar [Bm]hai

Hmm mm [D]mm mm mm mm
Hmm mm [Bm]mm mm [G]mm
Hmm [F#m]mm mm mm mm [D]mm
Hmm mm mm mm [Bm]mm mm [G]mm
Mmm mm mm [F#m]mm mm [D]mm

[F#]Na meri ka[Bm]mi, na [A]teri khataa
Mo[G]habbat mein [F#m]dono ne [Em7]paayi sa[D]zaa
[F#]Dil mein na[Bm]hi wa[A]faayein thi kam
Ma[G]gar waqt [D]humpe na [Em7]tha meher[D]baan

[]F#]Kisi kahani mein tu hoga me[Bm]ra
Haan [F#]uss kahani [G]mein
Jalna [A]mujhe phir kahin…

Haan tera in[D#]tezaar [G#]hai
Ka[A#]haan karaar [Gm]hai
Hai teri [D#]aas hi dil [G#]ko
Haan [A#]beshumaar [Gm]hai
Ba[Cm]yaan karoon kai[Fm7]se
Tera in[A#]tezaar [Cm]hai
Tera in[A#]tezaar [Cm]hai
Tera in[A#]tezaar hai…

[D#] [G#] [A#] [Gm] [Cm] [Fm7]

Tera in[A#]tezaar [Cm]hai…
[D#] [G#] [A#] [D#] [Cm] [Fm7]

Tera in[A#]tezaar [Cm]hai
Tera in[A#]tezaar [Cm]hai

Song Credit

Intezaar” is a new melody, sung by Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur. Mithoon has composed and written this beautiful melody.

  • Singer: Arijit Singh, Asees Kaur
  • Lyricist: Mithoon
  • Music: Mithoon
  • Director: Arif Khan
  • Cast: Mithoon, Gurmeet Choudhary, Sanaya Irani, Dishant Guliya
  • Mix And Master: Eric Pillai
  • Music Label: Universal Music India

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