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Lava ME 2 Future Generation “Your Prestigious guitar”

Lavame 2
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We believe the future of guitar continence is better than the past. It should be lighter, more durable, easier to fun, and most mainly, proffer complete earshot without fear of climate change. An innovative animated net honeycomb adds a sense of hierarchy to your performance. That is an amazing journey-sized guitar. Prefer it to quite a lot for every other journey size. So this will now no longer be a replacement, however, it gives a much fuller sound this is extra corresponds to a completely sized acoustic than what the parlor guitar is capable of achieving. If you’re withinside the marketplace for a journey-sized acoustic and also you need a legitimate this is extra similar to the complete size, we do now no longer assume a higher choice exists. This Carbon fiber guitar is the best choice of it.

LAVA ME 2 Design

Combine the stronger and most efficient mechanic structure within acoustic simulation designs. Each honeycomb diversifies by height and thickness and matures before its mechanical function. It generates an extraordinary sound, even with just a slight pluck. The honeycomb curved structure. Keep providing a sonorous and clear sound. Super Air Sonic is a breakthrough for Air Sonic carbon fiber composite: The Super Air Sonic. The body material has the same weight as Air Sonic but is 20% Stronger. A thinner, lighter soundboard with a higher flexural modulus has been created, to produce a brighter, clearer sound. Parameter design neck. Provide an extraordinary action experience. The idea behind Fly Neck was to design and build the most comfortable also intuitive guitar neck possible. The fly neck’s structural shape was achieved by tracking the different forces on the neck so long as modified positions while playing the LAVA ME 2. Carefully design the neck profile and add or remove the material as needed to ensure that the fly neck fits your playing style imperceptibly.

Lm2 1
Image: Lava Music

 State-of-the-art fret handling system, easy and convenient to crimp. The Plec PRO machine is the world’s most advanced guitar fret editing system. Designed to deliver the best string action possibility, this state-of-the-art process eliminates potential intonation problems, and LAVA ME 2 delivers advanced levels of playability and sound quality right out of the box. can be achieved. After scanning the fingerboard surface and simulating string tension, the frets are cut with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Plec Pro’s precision cutting helps LAVA ME 2 to deliver outstanding sound and a comfortable playing position. LAVA MUSIC has redesigned the LAVA ME 2’s neck structure and reinforced it with two Ultra Stiff carbon fiber rods. This fly neck makes him 300% stiffer than the previous generation, improving durability and overall playing experience.

The world’s leading unibody guitar. Innovative one-piece injection molding technology. LAVA MUSIC invented the first one-piece injection-molded LAVA ME guitar in 2017, revolutionizing the design, materials used, and manufacturing processes of modern guitars. Not only does this technology keep the shape more comfortable, but it also uses significantly less adhesive while maintaining excellent acoustic performance.

Breathe Net Honeycomb Resonance Bowden

Works in all conditions. Unlike wood, which tends to warp in changing weather conditions, LAVA ME 2’s Super Air Sonic carbon fiber body material can adapt to temperature changes from -20°C to 90°C and humidity levels from 10% to 90%. Increase. Whether in the desert or the polar regions, the LAVA ME 2 is always ready for you. You can play with effects without connecting an amplifier. The all-new technology of the L2 preamp makes it possible to use the back of your guitar as a speaker. Turn on the preamp anytime, anywhere, and play freely with built-in reverb, delay, and chorus functions without cables or amplifiers. Percussion Effects The L2 preamp now uses a percussive sound-receiving mic. Amplifies and beautifies the percussive sounds produced with or without plug-ins. 

Lv Honey Comb
Image: Lavamusic

At first, glance, taking a black guitar out of a holdall, the look and feel of the guitar is generally very organic. Wire, steel, wood, baby! It looked like an overgrown iPod on a string, cold, round, and felt less, a little bit like a toy. But when you threw it over your shoulder, two things became immediately apparent. stunning, light, and almighty compact in all respects, making it ever comfortable to hold. The neck is short, just 18 frets along the high-pressure laminate fretboard, slim, beautifully sculpted, and extremely stiff, thanks to new carbon fiber reinforced rods that run the entire length. 

Light, Compact, and Super Clear Sounds

Weighing just 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs) and with a soundboard just 1.4 mm thick, it feels solid. Lava strung this thing with factory 12-53 second Elixir coated strings. They sound great, are enjoyable and smooth, and last forever. For the first time without electronics, you can feel the sound of this thing as live acoustics. And you will be amazed in no time. It’s bright, clear, and loud. With frets machined to the nearest 1/100th of a millimeter by Plek, Lava’s standard setup is designed for great low action and perfect intonation right out of the box. In short, it feels like an attractively constructed real instrument right out of the box. So let’s turn it on. 

Crank it up, unplug it and use all the effects doesn’t change the sound too much, it gives you depth and projection. The third knob can be set to control either the chorus level or the delay. In Chorus mode, the sounds disaccord smoothly and creamily, leaving the smooth, soothing impression of a 12-string. Switch to Delay mode to dial in from tight slaps to opening, atmospheric echoes. It sounds good, but it’s not magic.

Image: Lava Music

But they were getting chip bark noses all over the place. The curved back provides a full, rich sound even from a distance. Reverb gives the sounds an air, expensive-sounding sheen, and adding delay gives it that grand stadium feel. With a week-long battery, form-fitting holdalls, solid construction, featherweight weight, and beautiful, atmospheric outdoor sound, this guitar is a great travel guitar for many players. As well as a very handy all guitar would serve. Lava has established the potential for innovation in materials and design with his Me 2, creating instruments there are flexible, simple, and musically inspiring. 

The design is great for standing up through the strap-on, but the smooth, rounded design at the back makes it slip off your lap if you play sitting down. That’s why you always need a strap on your shoulder to get more comfort on it. The charging port is in the soundhole, where you have to hook the micro-USB cable 90 degrees.

LM2 equaliser
Image: Lava Music

After a long time across the periphery, synthetic substances like carbon fiber and HPL (high-stress laminate) are locating an area along wood withinside the guitar-making mainstream and starts possibilities for new producers like Lava Music. Founded through Musicians Institute grad Louis Luk, Lava calls itself a track generation employer targeted on opportunity substances and nice designed.

The LAVA ME 2 combines the conventional tunes of an acoustic and the effective sound of an electric-powered guitar into one neat package. The LAVA ME 2 is an acoustic guitar. No frills- simply natural herbal sound. It’s crisp, responsive, and has an amazing normal tone. It should use a far better bass sound eleven though at the fifth and sixth strings. Moving from low to higher frets is so smooth, you sense it like reducing butter. Playing with the Reverb results of the LAVA ME 2 produced a totally specific experience. It has a totally easy echo impact. The sound is gentle to the ears, which implies it is simply awesome. The put-off impact knob at it is complete, and the impact is pretty good. Not certainly corresponding to a put-off results pedal, however on its own, it is already wonderful

It is seldom that you discover a small guitar that has all of the capabilities you need– small, compact, light, sturdy, has loud and crisp sound, amazing to play with, and springs with specific colors (simply an advantage eleven though if you are certainly now no longer into conventional wood guitars), and all may be observed in LAVA ME 2. It’s an irony that that is an extraordinary best little guitar, it is manner past that, for yourself.

  • Safe And Cool Guitar Cover

It’s nicer than your common gig bag because it offers a little protection. Nevertheless might now no longer advocate flying with the blanketed case. It’s a gentle-shell case and it does have an adjustable backpack fashion strap system, however, the trouble with aircraft journey has much less to do with the case and extra to do with how a lot of flying sucks. These guitar capabilities aren’t probably to be a large game-changer past simply having something cool to reveal or combine into some songs. Beyond that, they lack the flexibility to certainly control the results on a large scale.

 The results you get are put off and chorus, however, you could dial down the put off to behave as extra of a reverb. The reverb is a chunk of a combined bag, The observed a bit little bit of a chirpy noise that accompanies more difficult strokes toward the strings. It seems like there may be an echo this is speeding to get out. let’s enjoy this prestigious guitar!

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