Level Of Concern Intro Tab – Twenty One Pilot

Learn to play ” Level Of Concern Intro Tab” by Twenty One Pilots.

Level Of Concern Track Info

  • Song: Level of Concern
  • Artist: twenty one pilots
  • Produced by Tyler Joseph & Paul Meany
  • Synthesizer: Tyler Joseph
  • Keyboard: Tyler Joseph
  • Electric Guitar: Tyler Joseph


Cmaj7  Bm7 Am7
                       Background                                  Wah/Phaser Effect
e|--7-----------------| -----------------------------------------| -7~-xx7~-xx7~-xx7~-xx|5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx|
B|--8-----7---8-------| --------------------------------------0--| -8~-xx8~-xx8~-xx8~-xx|5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx|
G|--9-----7---9-------| -----0---------------0---------0-0-0-0---| -9~-xx9~-xx9~-xx9~-xx|5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx5~-xx|
D|--10----7---10------| --0h2----2--------0h2----2--0h2----------|----------------------|--------------------|
A|------------0-------| -----------------------------------------| ---------------------|--------------------|
E|-(8)---(7)----------| -----------------------------------------| ---------------------|--------------------|
                                                                       play 2x               play x2

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