Mossy Cobblestone chords by Bears In Trees

On the 19th of October 2021, the track was released. The track was written by Nick Peters, Iain Gillespie, George Berry & Callum Litchfield

Mossy Cobblestone

Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: C
  • Chords: Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, Am7
  • BPM: 124
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
 Dm7 – xx0211
G7 – 320001
Cmaj7 – x32000
Am7 – x02010
Dm7 – 2213
G7 – 0212
Cmaj7 – 0002
Am7 – 0000
Dm7 G7 Pieces of me line the pavement Cmaj7 Am7 My blood soaks the cracks in the road Dm7 My head is stained glass,
my hands are stained glass
Cmaj7 Am7 The whole world is stained glass tonight [Chorus]
Dm7 Ba, ba-da, ba-da G7 Cmaj7 Bum, bum, bum, ba, da-da Am7 Ba-da, da-da, da Am7 Bum, bum [Verse]
Dm7 G7 And if my body is a temple Cmaj7 Am7 Then this ruin is a mess Dm7 G7 Full of mossy cobblestone Cmaj7 Am7 Second-hand smoke and teenage jealousy [Chorus]
Dm7 Ba, ba-da, ba-da G7 Cmaj7 Bum, bum, bum, ba, da-da Am7 Ba-da, da-da, da Am7 Bum, bum [Verse]
Dm7 G7 And my hands held back a river Cmaj7 Am7 When you said, "Please stay for tea" Dm7 G7 I didn't see a world for this at eighteen Cmaj7 Am7 But I'm so proud of you, your flat looks lovely [Chorus]
Dm7 Ba, ba-da, ba-da (So lovely) G7 Cmaj7 Bum, bum, bum, ba, da-da (So lovely) Am7 Ba-da, da-da, da (So lovely) Am7 Bum, bum, bum [Verse]
Dm7 G7 And I'll probably crash my car

(I'll probably crash my car)
Cmaj7 Am7 As soon as I can drive a car

(As soon as I can drive a car)
Dm7 G7 And God knows I'll live forever Cmaj7 Am7 Or diе in the atteeeee-e-e-e-empt [Outro]
Dm7 G7 And I'll keep the choir in my passеnger seat Cmaj7 Am7 And we'll break down in harmony Dm7 G7 And I'll take you home Cmaj7 As soon as I have wheels
more stable than a skateboard
(You alright?)

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