Okay Kaya – Vampire Chords

Porches & Okay Kaya produces this track which was released on the 1st of June 2018. The track was written by Okay Kaya. The key of the song is E minor.

Vampire Chords

Track Info

Em Am Dsus4 D Em Am Dsus4 D [Verse 1]
Em Am I'm not an alcoholic,
G Cmaj7
but I'm always so tired,
Em Am I am always bored and always
feel kinda bad.
Em Am G Cmaj7 Can't seem to get no sleep at night, Em G C he used to call me every night this time. [Verse 2]
Em Am His hands cold, smelled of garlic, G Cmaj7 but looked like a vampire's. Em Am Dsus4 C/D To be honest they were not that nice, Em Am C/D how I'd like to get his scent of off me. [Verse 3] Am G He used to call me every time, Cmaj7 call me every time he need, G Cmaj7 to come and put his heart, G Cmaj7 come and put his heart, G Cmaj7 come and put his heart on me. [Outro]
C/D G G C Am G G C Em Cmaj7 C/D D

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