SHAWN MENDES – INTRO CHORDS for Guitar, Piano & Ukulele Chords

Kid Harpoon & Shawn Mendes produces this single, released on the 30th of September 2020. Nate Mercereau plays the guitar on this track. The track is written By Scott HarrisTobias Jesso Jr.Frank Dukes & Shawn Mendes. The Track is on the D major key, to simplify the chords we use a Capo on the 2nd fret.

Intro Chords

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(EADGBE)
  • Key: D
  • Capo: 2nd fret
  • Chords: C, Cmaj7, C7, F, Fm
  • Suggested Strumming:
    D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
C – x32010
Cmaj7 – x32000
C7 – x32310
F – 133211
Fm – 133111
C – 0003
Cmaj7 – 0002
C7 – 0001
F – 2010
Fm -1013
C Cmaj7 You have a million different faces C7 F But they'll never understand Fm C Unless you let them in Cmaj7 You've been a million different places C7 F So give yourself a chance to Fm C Get lost in wonderland

Intro Track Info

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