Ana de Armas


Salary, Net Worth, Age, Husband

Her full name is "Ana Celia de Armas" Caso" known as Ana De Armas

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Ana Celia de Armas Caso

Her birth place is Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

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Born and raised in Cuba

She was born on30th April 1988, She is 33 year old and her height is 1.68 m. (5’ 5”).

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Birth, Age, & Height

She became world wide famous with the film BLADE RUNNER 2049.

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World Wide Recognition

An de Armas Married to Marc Clotet on 2011 and separeted on 2013

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Marital Status 

As of many online sources, her net worth is arround $4 million 

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Net Worth

Her estimated salary is around $500000 per year. 

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Salary she earns

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Marilyn Moonarroe

She played Marilyn Moonarroe in Andrew Dominik's "Blonde, released on Netflix" 

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