The Chicken Chords by Bo Burnham

The track was Produced by Bo Burnham for his album Inside. The key of the track is E major, to simplify the chords use a Capo on the 4th fret.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard ( E A D G B E )
  • Key: E
  • Capo:  4th fret
  • Chords: C, Cmaj7, Dm, Em7, E7, F, Fm, G, Am, Am7
  • Strumming: DU DU DU DU 
    • D = Down Stroke, U = Up Stroke, N.C = No Chords, * = Single Stroke
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
C – x32010
Cmaj7 – x32000
Dm – xx0231
Em7 – 020000
E7 – 020100
F – 133211
Fm – 133111
G – 320003
Am – x02210
Am7 – x02010
C – 0003
Cmaj7 – 0002
Dm – 2210
Em7 – 0202
E7 – 1202
F – 2010
Fm – 1013
G – 0232
Am – 2000
Am7 – 0000
The Chicken 1

Track Info

[Intro, spoken]

Hi, so I’m gonna do one more song, uh
I know the last song seemed
like it should’ve been the last song,
but this is actually the last song
I just wanna say, thank you for watching
if you watched this, I appreciate it,
I really do and, uh, thank you, yeah.
I hope you enjoyed it
This is a song about a… chicken

| C Dm | Am Em7 | x4 | F | G |
| Am G | G E7 |
| F | |
| F | G |
| Am G | G E7 |
| F | |
| F | Fm | [Verse 1] C Dm The chicken wakes up,
Am Em7
like she does every morning
C Dm Am Em7 To the sounds of her husband's screams C Dm Am Sat in the dark on the egg
she is warming
C Dm Am Em7 She closes her eyes and dreams of F G Walking to Memphis, becoming a dentist Am G E7 F Anything but this F I mean, shе likes her life
as a mothеr and wife
Am G E7 F But is that all she is? F Fm She stares out the window [Verse 2] Cmaj7 Dm The very next morning,
Am Em7
the chicken decides to
Cmaj7 Dm Am7 Make her escape, get a taste
of freedom
Cmaj7 Dm She runs out the coop that
Am7 Em7
her life's been confined to
Cmaj7 Dm Suddenly sees the thing
Am7 Em7
she’s only dreamed of
F G Just up ahead, gophers run

through a meadow
Am G E7 F Deer graze, birds sing F Her future is waiting,
right there for the taking
Am G E7 F There's just one thing F Fm C The chicken must first cross the road E7 The road [Bridge]
Am G F A sea of trees and green and moss Dm C Waiting just across the road,
E7 Am
the road
G F A life of brighter days,
a width of road away
[Verse 3] C Dm The road is gigantic,
Am Em7
the chicken is little
C Dm Am She moves ahead left-right-left,
C Dm Am All of the sudden she stops
in the middle
C Dm Am Frozen in place by a pair
of headlights
F G It's anyone's guess what then

happened next
Am G E7 F But most think she died F G But I think we ought to believe

that she got to
Am G E7 F The other side F Fm So that's why she did it


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