The Tornado Chords by Owl City

Track was written & produced by Adam Young.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: C
  • Capo: 3rd fret
  • Chords: D, G, Em, A, Bm, F#, F, Bb, G#, Dm, D#, C, E, F#m, B, C#m
  • BPM: 107
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
The Tornado

Track Info

D It was just startin' to drizzle as

I walked out the door
G But I've delivered papers in the
rain like that before
D 3:30 in the morning,

I was happy as a lark
G As I grabbed my bike and
rode into the dark
D I peddled through the neighbourhood,

the weather on my mind
G The wind was pickin' up and
howling louder all the time
D The sky turned like a cauldron and

the distant thunder roared
G A D And I knew that I was in for quite a storm G A little rain never hurt no one,
so I kept pressing on
D And I tried to tell myself,
"It's always darkest before the dawn"
D Lightning struck an oak tree as

I left off my bike
G The siren started wailing but
there was no good place to hide
D I knew without a doubt,

there was a twister touching down
G A So I crawled into a covert to
wait it out
G The little bit of courage
I had left was almost gone
D But I tried to tell myself,
"It's always darkest before the dawn"
G And then the nightmare started,
it got deafeningly loud
D Every fibre in me screamed out but
I couldn't make a sound
G The whirling of a vortex,
F# Bm
a violent carousel
G It sounded like a freight train was
dragging me to heck
G F F# Bm G F F# Bb G# A D Bb G# A Dm D# A And this was my prayer C Bb G A Em D G A Save me from this terrible nightmare [Verse]
G That was when I saw my family with
my eyes shut real' tight
G Would they know how much

I loved them
Bm A
if this was how I died?
G D No, I vowed I'd not be murdered by a monster in
A Em D A
the sky that night
G But if I went home to heaven,
at least that's where I'd belong
D Yeah, I tried to tell myself,
"It's always darkest before the dawn"
D Bm G D Bm G So I kept hanging on D Bm G I kept hanging on [Instrumental]
D Bm
E The shadows slowly melted as

I was hunkered down
A 'Till at last, the worst was over,
the storm was dying out
E I crept out of that covert and

I went weak in the knees
A 'Cause what I saw,
was a somber sight to see
E There was nothing but destruction

and wreckage in that town
A Cars were upside down and
houses levelled to the ground
E A twisted trampoline was

hangin' from the power line
A I blinked a tear back as
I felt lucky to be alive
A And that was how I learned to live
when you can run but
you can't hide
A How to feel trapped in a tunnel but
C#m B
come out the other side
A E 'Cause with all the stormy weather in the world B You learnt to take life
one storm at a time,
you don't have to be afraid
A And now, when there's
bad weather on the way,

I stay calm
E And I keep hanging on because
A B E C#m A E C#m A
it's always darkest before the dawn
E C#m A E A And I keep hanging on E C#m A E A E I keep hanging on

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