Brantley Gilbert – Bad Boy Chords

Bad Boy Chords by Brantley Gilbert

Presenting Brantley Gilbert’s “Bad Boy Chords“. So learn to play Bad Boy Chords by Brantley Gilbert.

Bad Boy Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard
  • Key: C#
  • Capo: 1st fret
  • Chords(After Capo): C, F, G, Am,
  • Suggested Strumming: DUDU D DU

Chords Structure

  • C -x32010
  • Am -x02210
  • F- 133211
  • G – 320003

Track Info

Bad Boy Chords
Bad Boy Chords

Song: Bad Boy
Artist: Brantley Gilbert
Album: Fire & Brimstone



[Verse 1]

[C]Girl, I would dial your number without lookin’

And  you’d [F]always pick it up as soon
as it rang

And  I’d [C]hear you say, “I hear my mama

And you’d [F]hide the phone underneath the sheets


And I’d [Am]hear her say, [G]“Girl, haven’t I [F]told you?

[Am]Yeah  I know [C]who you’re talking [F]to

It’s  that [C]bad boy, It’s that wrong side of the [F]tracks boy

That break your heart and won’t [G]come [Am]back boy

Why’s  [G]that boy the one [C]you [F]love?”

You’re not that [C]bad boy

[Verse 2]

You weren’t scared but you had every reason

Me and my [F]boys were nothing short of dangerous

But  you said, [C]“Boy, you know I’ve heard you talked to Jesus

How’s a [F]tough guy like you afraid to love?”


You ain’t so [C]bad boy

You’ve done some things you can’t take [F]back, boy

But I see straight [G]through [Am]that boy

And [G]that boy is the one [C]I [F]love


You ain’t so [C]bad boy

No, you ain’t so [F]bad, [C] ain’t so bad


[Verse 3]

Well I remember [C]sitting down beside your mama

My hands shaking in [F]my pocket with that ring

She says “Boy, I [C]always knew you loved my daughte[G]r

She loves you too and I [F]think I know what she says”

You know that’s how she [G]lost her [Am]dad, boy

And [G]that boy is the one I [F]loved, he was my bad boy


He was my [F]bad boy

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