Cool Accessories for Guitar Players You Must Know

Cool Accessories for Guitar Players

Playing guitar is an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby and passion. In addition to the guitar itself, an abundance of accessories exist that can improve one’s playing experience, tonal quality, and stylistic expression.

Presented here is a selection of accessories that are highly regarded among guitar players for their exceptional qualities.

Here are some of the most unique instrument accessories.

Guitar Straps

A good guitar strap is essential for playing the guitar comfortably, especially if you’re standing up. When looking for straps, consider:

  • Materials: Leather and woven straps are stylish, while rubber and polyester straps are affordable options. Cotton straps soften over time.
  • Comfort – Wider straps distribute weight better. Padded straps prevent digging into your shoulder.
  • Designs – Pick stylish designs that express your personality. Custom and handmade straps are unique options.
  • Functional features – Some straps have built-in pick holders, pockets, and strap locks for added convenience.

Guitar Cables

High-quality cables ensure your guitar signal is transmitted cleanly to your amp or recording interface. Look for:

  • Durability – Thick, tightly woven externals prevent crackling. Reinforced ends handle repeated unplugging.
  • Length – Longer cables like 20 ft allow you to move around. Get a few different lengths for flexibility.
  • Quality conductors – Oxygen-free copper and gold-plated contacts maximize signal clarity.
Guitar Cables

Guitar Capos

Capos clamp onto the guitar neck to raise the pitch and allow playing in different keys. Consider:

Guitar Capos
  • Quick-release – Smooth action and fast repositioning. Useful for frequent key changes.
  • Padding – Protects guitar neck from scratches and dings. Rubber orfelt preventslipping.
  • Tension – Good tension keeps Capo from bending strings out of tune. Adjustable tension gives more control.

Guitar Picks

For guitarists who play with a pick, having variety is key. Try picks made from:

  • Plastic – Cheap, durable, and bright tone. Good for strumming.
  • Celluloid – Warm, rounded tone. Flexible but can wear quickly.
  • Acrylic – Produces sharp attack. Translucent options look cool.
  • Metal and stone – Unique tones. Textured surfaces provide grip.
  • Wood – Warm, resonant tone. Handmade appeal but not very durable.

Vary thickness and shape for everything from tight articulation to loose, expressional strumming.


Adding a slide guitar can totally transform your playing. Look for:

Guitar Slides
  • Glass – Smoothest tone and sustain. Pyrex is durable while polished glass offers a vintage tone.
  • Metal – Sharp attack and biting tone. Brass, steel, chrome, and copper give different sounds.
  • Ceramic – Warm tone that’s rounder than metal. The glazed surface allows smooth sliding.
  • Wood and bone – Organic tone and vintage vibe. Require conditioning for smoothness.

The right slide matched to your guitar and playing style can add new colors to your sound.


Guitar Humidifier

For acoustic players, a humidifier maintains optimal moisture levels in your instrument to prevent cracking. Consider:

  • Size – Must fit in a sound hole with a snug but not a tight seal. Measure yours.
  • Hygrometer – Displays current humidity levels inside the guitar. Helps monitor the ideal range.
  • Refilling – Easily refilled sponge or reservoir. Some models allow adding essential oils.
  • Auto shut-off: Prevents over-humidifying which can damage bindings and finish.

Proper humidity keeps your prized acoustic sounding its best season after season.

Guitar Stand

A dedicated stand keeps your instrument safely displayed and easily accessible. Look for:

Guitar Stand
  • Stability – Solid construction and wide base prevent tipping even if bumped.
  • Padding – Protects finish where the guitar rests against the stand. Felt or rubber pads are preferred.
  • Folding design – Collapsible stands to pack up neatly for transporting to gigs.
  • Showcase styles – Clear acrylic stands to display your guitar like a museum piece.

The right stand keeps your guitar secure while making it a functional part of your space.

Guitar Case

For traveling and protecting your investment, a quality guitar case is mandatory. Seek out:

  • Durability – Rigid shell cases withstand drops and impacts while gig bags are lighter.
  • Padding – Plush lining prevents finish scratches and dings during transport.
  • Storage – Room for accessories like cables, pedals, and tools comes in handy.
  • Custom-fit – Models shaped specifically for your guitar to prevent shifting during transit.
Guitar Case 1


An electronic tuner takes the guesswork out of tuning, even detecting small deviations imperceptible to the ear. Look for:

  • Accuracy – Tuners with +/- 1 cent precision ensure your guitar is perfectly in tune.
  • Display – Bright, multi-color displays are easier to read on dark stages. Backlit screens are ideal.
  • Microphone: Built-in mics allow tuning even amid loud band situations. Clip-on tuners attach to your guitar.

Staying perfectly in tune is essential for sounding your best during practice and gigs.


Master rhythm and timing by practicing with a metronome. Key features include:

  • Tempo range – Models with wide bpm ranges allow slow building speed.
  • Rhythm patterns – Switch up click patterns for practicing different rhythms.
  • Visual cues – Sync flashing lights with audible clicks for multisensory feedback.
  • Portability – Mini clip-on pedal models attach to your guitar strap or mic stand.

Guitar Pedalboard

For players with a multi-pedal setup, a pedalboard neatly organizes all your foot-powered effects. Consider:

  • Size – Accommodate your current pedals with room to grow. Measure pedal dimensions.
  • Power – Built-in power supplies cleanly power all pedals from one source.
  • Cases – Hard cases protect pedals during transport and provide storage underneath.
  • Portability – Lightweight models some with carrying handles make transport easy.
Guitar Pedalboard


Fresh strings make a huge difference in tone and playability. Determine ideal gauges and materials based on your guitar and playing style.

  • Electric sets – Options include pure nickel, nickel-plated steel, and stainless steel. Heavier gauges handle aggressive playing.
  • Acoustic sets – Bronze and phosphor bronze provide warmth and brightness. Coated strings last longer.
  • Bass sets – Stainless steel and nickel-plated steel options cover bright and warm tones.

Trying different string brands and gauges allows for dialing in your perfect tone and feel.

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Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

All-in-one multi-FX pedals offer a wide range of onboard effects like distortion, chorus, delay, and more. Benefits include:

Multi effect pedle
  • Versatility – Hundreds of effect combinations adapt the pedal to any style.
  • Portability – Compact size is ideal for gigging and practice on the go.
  • Affordability – Multi-FX cost less than buying numerous individual pedals.
  • Presets – Save customized effect settings for quick recall during live playing.

Strap Locks

Strap locks securely fasten straps to your guitar to prevent embarrassing mid-performance drops. Features:

  • Locking pins – Screw into strap button holes for positive attachment.
  • Detachable couplings – Quickly attach/remove straps while keeping pins on the guitar.
  • Adapters – Use pins and couplings with your existing strap buttons.

Don’t let strap slippage interrupt your performance again. Strap locks keep your guitar secured.

Pick Holder

A pick holder conveniently stores pick on your guitar for quick access. Look for:

  • Placement – Mounts to the guitar body, pickguard, or headstock. Don’t obstruct playing.
  • Capacity – Holds multiple picks so you’ve always got backups ready to go.
  • Protection – Dispenser-style models keep unused picks covered.

Never scramble to find a dropped pick mid-song again. Keep them within reach.

Amp Attenuator

Attenuators reduce amp volume while maintaining great tube tone at lower levels. Benefits:

  • Volume control – Dial in overdriven sound at lower volumes for home practice.
  • Preamp gain – Crank the preamp for a rich tone even at whisper volumes.
  • Natural dynamic feel – Response to playing dynamics like a loud amp.

Guitar Stand Attachment

Collapsible stand attachments screw into your guitar’s strap button to turn any guitar into a self-standing model. Features:

  • Compact – Folds flat when not in use for easy storage.
  • Secure – Positive screw-in attachment prevents the guitar from slipping.
  • Versatile – Works with electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitars.
  • Portable – Carry your guitar hands-free and set it down anywhere.

Polishing Cloth

A quality polishing cloth gently removes fingerprints, dust, and grime from your guitar finish. Look for:

  • Microfiber fabric – Extremely soft material won’t scratch delicate finishes.
  • Chemical-free – Avoid harsh solvents that can damage some guitar finishes.
  • Reusable – Machine washable designs provide long-lasting use.
Polishing Cloth

Regular polishing maintains the glossy, smooth finish you love.

Wrap Up

With so many cool guitar accessories available today, there are lots of ways to enhance your playing experience, versatility, convenience, and style. Try some out to refresh your musical life and take your performances to the next level. The right accessories make practice and play more inspiring and enjoyable. Your dream guitar setup awaits!

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