Haunted Chords by Spanish Love Songs

On the 17th of May 2023, the track was released.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: A
  • Chords: A6add9, D6, A, D, Bm, E, F#m, Dmaj9, A/C#, A/D
  • BPM: 160
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord

Track Info

A A D [Verse 1] A You pulled off the road so

you could cry,

it's too quiet in the suburbs
D Searched your mind to try to find

where the bottom really was
A When you felt nothing but young and

in love and they didn't love

you in return
D The look that was in their eyes

is a memory you've burned
Bm But you sleep with a window open D D E F#m E And you hope the cold gets in your heart [Chorus]
D But you're not haunted A You just miss everything D You're not a ghost A So stop disappearing D E F#m E Woah-oh-oh-woah A D E F#m E A Woah-oh-oh-woah [Verse]
A There's another body in the

McDonald's parking lot.

The cops stand around like

there's nothing to do
D You start to worry that's

what you'll

look like when it catches up
A But you're a stranger in your photos.

Melt into a drink with all your friends
D And you're swallowed in a moment.

The metaphor is meaningless
Bm You'll say, "That's okay, that's
okay they never liked me anyway"
D E F#m E But there's a killer in your heart [Chorus] D But you're not haunted A You just miss everything D You're not a cautionary tale A so don't you vanish on me D You're losing weekends A and then the days will start to slide D You keep breaking all these habits A but you can't seem to get by [Bridge]
Bm And you used to daydream about the things
you'd do and say when you were famous,
but now the plastic in your belly
has you feeling all sorts of sick
D E F#m You used to daydream, and you... [Chorus]
D But you're not haunted A It's just the devil in your skin D It'll be this bleak forever A But it is a way to live D You're not alone A You just miss everything D And when you're feeling like a ghost
would you come haunt me,
D E F#m E
please come haunt me
A D E F#m E A Woah-oh-oh-woah [Outro] A It's every trip Dmaj9 into that empty house A The silence from the street Dmaj9 Your blanket in your seat A and the nearly muted TV Dmaj9 There's no answer from you, A/C# and your phone blinks with my reply A/D A It's that lump in my chest N.C. and my relief to hear you cry

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