Hilltop Hoods – Fifty In Five Chords

The song was initially published on June 12, 2009, with Suffa serving as the producer. This song is pitched in the key of E minor.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)
  • BPM: 170
  • Key: Em
  • Capo: No Capo
  • Chords: Am, Am7, Bm, C, E, E/G#, FM7, G
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
Am – x02210
Am7 – x02010
Bm – x24432
C – x32010
E – 022100
E/G# – 476454
G – 320003
Am – 2000
Am7 – 0000
Bm – 4222
C – 0003
E – 1402
E/G# – 1402
G – 0232
Fifty In Five

Track Info

Am Am7 FM7 E E/G#
Am Am7 FM7 E E/G#
[Verse 1]
Terror cleared the skyline 
and anger clouded judgement
FM7 So they spent a thousand night times E E/G# In the desert fighting something
that they couldn't find
Am7 That made it something that

they couldn't fight
FM7 Left us all lamenting, all the
E E/G#
wrongs that they couldn't right
Am This is for the second time
that we've been here before
FM7 From Vietnam to Saddam,
E E/G#
we always needing a war
Am Am7 Neo Conservatives rose up like Viet Cong N.C Their fingers on the trigger,

we won't be here for long
[Verse 2] Am Am7 They killed MLK and named a day

after him
FM7 They killed JFK and named an
E E/G#
airport after him
Am Am7 Some guy shot a monster called Reagan

so he could bone
FM7 A girl named Jodie Foster,
E E/G#
if only he'd known
Am We tested nukes in the atmosphere,
the sea and the dirt
FM7 And they tested all these missiles
E E/G#
just to see if they worked
[Verse 3] Am Now France got 'em, Russia got 'em,
India and Pakistan
FM7 Korea want 'em, States want 'em,
E E/G#
pointed at the Taliban
Am Iran and Afghanistan,
sands of the Arab lands
FM7 E Orders from portable commands in
armoured caravans
Am Am7 Internet, 3G cellular phones FM7 E Serial killers built mini-cells
in their homes
[Verse 4] Am Am7 And we had Manson, Bundy, Gacy,

Son of Sam
FM7 E Macarena, Superman, Chicken Dance,
Running Man
Am Am7 Generation X and Generation Y FM7 And the generation next will
E E/G#
degenerate and die
Am 'Cause we got holes in the ozone
that we put there ourselves
Now the poles are a no-go,
Bm C
earth's cooking itself
[Verse 5] Am And we can't look at ourselves Am7 FM7 So we got saline, botox, eighteen,
E E/G#
fake t*ts, nineteen, detox
Am Don't stop, get it, get it,
can't afford it, get it credit
FM7 E Buy it, spend it, try it, getting fat E/G# When you better shed it! [Verse 6] Am Am7 Ab Swing, Blue Blocker, Tupac or Biggie FM7 E E/G# East Coast, West Coast, Fat Joe or Fifty Am Am7 Thatcher, the shifty Iron Lady, Tony Blair FM7 E A princess died, some say
'cause she got Dodi there
Am Am7 Whitlam, Keating, Hawke and a promise of FM7 No children in poverty,
E E/G#
wish that could have been honest
[Verse 7] Am We had Abbott and Costello,
right wing overlords
FM7 Promises and children,
E E/G#
they threw 'em both overboard
Am Am7 Overwrought refugees thrown to a group home FM7 Or jailed for the crime of
E E/G#
looking for a new home
[Verse 8] Am Am7 Elvis died, Hendrix died, Lennon died FM7 Genocide in Africa, Serbia,
E E/G#
Cambodia, pesticides
Am Am7 Bio-toxins, chemical warfare FM7 All's fair in love and war,
E E/G#
more work for the pallbearer
Am Am7 More terror, more unjust

search and seizures
FM7 A tidal wave came and claimed the
E E/G#
coast of Indonesia
[Verse 9] Am Am7 Quakes in Iran, Japan and California FM7 Greenhouse gas turned the
E E/G#
world into a sauna
Am Am7 The trauma of mortars, martyrs, slaughters FM7 E Of partners, mourners fathers
and daughters
Am They chased us, caught us,
numbered us to sort us
FM7 Raped us, scorned us,
E E/G#
to break us they bought us
Am Am7 Third world kidneys for captains

of industry
FM7 Uprising in the street,
E E/G#
corruption in the ministry
Am Am7 A blowj*b brought about the fall

of a dynasty
FM7 E E/G# And MP3's saw the fall of an industry [Verse 10] Am Am7 Doubled population, halved accommodation FM7 Carved up resources and we
E E/G#
starved the poorer nations
Am Am7 Beirut, Chechnya, all hell broke loose FM7 E Berlin, nineteen eighty nine, man,
the wall fell
Am Cold war ended but that
didn't stop more shells
FM7 E E/G# Waco lit up the sky like burning oil wells Am Am7 A world laid waste with addiction FM7 Tell Orwell truth's always
E E/G#
stranger than fiction
[Verse 11] Am Am7 Big Brother's on closed circuit TV

and on cable
FM7 Reality's now scripted,
E E/G#
celebrity's for sale
Am Am7 Jeopardy and jail, seized, deposed FM7 E E/G# Remedies and penalties for failed CEO's Am We had the Enron collapse and
white-collar crime and
FM7 E E/G# Investors they were taxed a dollar for a dime Am Am7 The blue chip companies and blue-sky mines FM7 E E/G# We no longer choose sides we choose sidelines [Bridge] Am (Rich bleeding the kind,
blind leading the blind)
FM7 E E/G# (And history repeats, no competing with time) Am Am7 (Gasses eating the minds of the Vets

that they bring home)
FM7 (The plague of Agent Orange,
E E/G#
Gulf War Syndrome)
Am Am7 (Soldiers sent home Posttraumatic

stress leave)
FM7 E E/G# (STD's 'cause the sleeve ain't sexy) Am Am7 (AIDS shook the eighties, grim reaper

with a bowling ball)
FM7 (Metallica, kill 'em all,
E E/G#
let god scold 'em all)
[Verse 12] Am Am7 The Guildford Four, Chicago Seven FM7 E E/G# Mumia, Mandela, Ocean's Eleven Am Am7 Half past twelve on Friday the Thirteenth FM7 E E/G# Dawn of the Dead a Nightmare On Elm Street Am Weapons free environment,
war zone, phone home
FM7 E E/G# Melanoma grow as we soak in the ozone Am Am7 Home-grown, (Hydro), Cocaine, (Nitro) FM7 E E/G# Werewolf in London, (American Psycho), check [Verse 13] Am Am7 Cyclones, bushfires, Bush firing Scuds FM7 Baby Boomers, Woodstock,
E E/G#
what happened to the love?
Am Am7 What happened to the cubs? They fed

'em to the wolves
FM7 Set a trial for pedophiles, they
E E/G#
let 'em in the schools!
Am Am7 Set 'em on the students, turned

'em on the kids and
FM7 E Everyone responsible should burn
for what they did!
[Verse 14] Am And if they try to deny
then an eye for an eye, the
FM7 Government and church on which
E E/G#
we try to rely, both
Am Am7 Rob us 'til it hurts chasing lie

after lie like
FM7 E E/G# Astronauts chasing a pie in the sky, they Am Landed on the moon but can't
seem to return there
FM7 Makes some question if they
E E/G#
ever really were there
Am Am7 And if they were there now

and they looked back
FM7 E Could we look them in the eye,
could we look back?
Am Am7 'Cause when we look back at

what we have done
FM7 E E/G# Can you believe what we've become? [Outro] Am Am7 And as we walk into the sun FM7 E E/G# Can you believe what we have become? Am Am7 As we walk into the sun... FM7 E Am

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