Huge Fire Chords by Mount Eerie

On the 31st of December 2023, the track was released. The track was written by Phil Elverum.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: Am
  • Chords: Am, G/B, Cmaj7, C/G, F, Am9, G, Am7, Em, G/D
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Huge Fire

Track Info

Am Am Am Am G/B Cmaj7 Am C/G C/G [Verse]
F Trying to see from in

this room where it is blinding
Am Learning to breathe

beneath the surface
Am Of all the wrecked up things

I haul with me around
Am9 Am9 Am9 Am9 [Chorus]
Cmaj7 I heard singing at twilight Am Trailed by belongings G I crawled forward into a

clearing at dusk
F And got a huge fire growing It grew, night fell,
and I kept throwing
Am Whatever I could pick up

into the flames
Am9 Am9
Am9 Am9
Cmaj7 Nothing but me and

all this shredded wood
Am I've been pulling into a
heap of flames and smoke
This is my life and by now
I've lived long enough
Am To know that nothing's stronger

than the blow
Am The whipping wind,

the way it tears
Am9 The sparks are full in
the sky yawning open
Am7 Em G/D Breath only very rarely song [Chorus]

Cmaj7 You were singing at twilight Am With your fingers moving G And I heard the same song in a dream F And I sing it now to myself. Am I carry it into the night. Am I walk and there's a fire but

it's at my back
Am7 Em
Am7 Em
Am7 Em
Am7 Cmaj7
Cmaj7 Am Three days of heavy rain G And there's still coals

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