Jhené Aiko – Triggered Chords (freestyle)

Triggered Chords (freestyle) by Jheno Aiko

Presenting Triggered Chords (freestyle) by Jheno Aiko

Song info

Triggered Chords by Jhene Aiko
Triggered Chords by Jhene Aiko

Song: Triggered (freestyle)
Artist: Jhené Aiko
Produced by Julian-Quan Viet Le &
The Fisticuffs

Chords Info

  • Key: F
  • Chords: F, Fmaj7, Em, E, G, Gm, Am, C
  • Suggested Strumming: D D D D


[Fmaj7] [Fm] [Em] [E]
[Fmaj7] [Fm] [Em] [Gm]
[G] [Am]

[Verse 1]

Go [Fmaj7]figure [F]You were the [Fm]trigger
[Em]You brought me [Em7]to an obstructed view
When you [Em]knew the picture was [G]bigger
Who am I [F]kiddin’?
Knew from the [Fm]beginning
You’d [Em7]ruin everything, you do it every time
You are my [Em]enemy, you are no [N.C]friend of mind, muh[F]f*cker


You muhf*ckin’
You muhf*ckin’ right,
I’m [Em]bitter
You muh[C]f*ckin’ right,
I’m [G]triggered
You muh[Am]f*ckin’ right, [F]I…

[Verse 2]

Wanna f*ck you right now
[G]I just turned the lights out now
And you know when the sun go down
That’s when it would [Dm]all go down[F]
Been a minute, been a while
Ain’t let nobody hit it since you hit it
[C]You know you always know what to do wit’ it
[G]But ain’t no me and you without [Am]you in it
Damn, [F]I’m ’bout to burn this b*tch down
I think I need to lie down
‘Cause [G]I’m not tryna wild out now
But right now[C]

[Verse 3]

Don’t [F]know what I’m capable of
Might f*ck around and go crazy
on cuz
[G]Might f*ck [C]around, have to pay me
in blood
[G]This ain’t the way that [Am]you want it
Might catch a case in this [Fm]b*tch
Don’t let me [F]catch you face-to-face in this b*tch
Tryin’ my [G]hardest not to disrespect you
After what you did, man, what you expected?
[Am] You muh[F]f*cker


You muhf*ckin’
[C]You muhf*ckin’ right,
I’m [Em]bitter
[C]You muhf*ckin’ right,
I’m [G]triggered
You [Am]muhf*ckin’ right, [F]I…

[Verse 4]

Tryna let the time
fly (Yeah)
Tryna let the time
go [G]by
Tryna let the time
heal [Am]all
Tryna let the time kill all
[F]Of our memories
All you meant to me [Em]All that history
[G]All that’s history
I’ll [Fmaj7]calm down eventually
[F]Fall back e[E]ventually, please
[Em]Call me back eventually
[G]Fall back [Dm]into me, [Fm]yeah
Maybe [F]I’m overreacting
Baby, I don’t know what happened
You know [C]all of my
bad habits
You know it’s hard for me to [Am]control
that B[C]sh*t, man
‘Cause when I get [Fmaj7]mad, I get big mad
Should have never [F]did that, get back
‘Bout to feel the wrath of a [Em]menace
In my bag, in my feelings
I’m a bad lil’ [Am7]b*tch, and uh…


I’m [Fmaj7]triggered, when I see your face
[Am]Triggered, when I hear
your name
Tri[Em7]ggered, I am not okay
You need to stay out my way
I’m [Fmaj7]triggered, when I see
your face
[Am7]Triggered, when I hear
your name
[Em7]Triggered, I am not okay (Yeah)
You need to stay out
of my [Fmaj7]way [F]
You need to stay out of
my [Em7]way (Yeah)
You need to stay out of [F]my way,[Fmaj7] yeah
[F]Oh oh-oh-[Em7]oh, [Em]ayy, [C] yea[F]h [Em7]
[Em] [F]

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