July Chords by Noah Cyrus

July Chords By Noah Cyrus

Learn to play “July Chords” by Noah Cyrus.

July Chords & Strumming Info

  • Key: Am
  • Chors: Am, C, F, G, Dm
  • Suggested Strumming: D DUD

Chords Structure

  • Am -x02210
  • C – x32010
  • G – 320003
  • F – 133211
  • Dm – xx0231

Track Info

Noah Cyrus July Chords
Noah Cyrus July Chords
  1. Song: July
  2. Artist: Noah Cyrus
  3. Produced by: Michael Sonier
  4. Written By: Noah Cyrus, Peter Harding & Michael Sonier
  5. Album: NC1*
  6. Release Date: July 31, 2019



[Am] [C] [F]
[Am] [C] [F]

[Verse 1]

[Am]I’ve been holding [C]my breath
I’ve  been counting to ten
[F]Over  something you said
[Am]I’ve been holding [C]back tears
While you’re throwing back beers
[F]I’m  alone in bed


You  know I,[Am] [C] I’m afraid of [F]change
Guess that’s wh[Am]y[C] we stay the [F]same


So  tell me to leave
[C]I’ll pack my bags, [Am]get on the road[F]
Find someone that loves [Am]you
Better than [C]I do, darling, I know[F]
‘ Cause you remind [G]me every day
I’m not enou[Am]gh, but I still sta[Dm]y

[Verse 2]

[Am]Feels like a [G]lifetime
[C]Just trying to [F]get by while we’re dying inside
[Am] I’ve done a lot of things wrong
[C]Loving you [F]being one
But I can’t move on


You [Am]know I,[C] I’m [F]afraid of change
Guess [Am]that’s why [C]we stay [F]the same


So tell me to [C]leave
I’ll pack my bags, [Am]get on the [F]road
Find someone [Am]that loves you
Better than I [C]do, darling, [F]I know
‘Cause you [G]remind me every day
I’m not en[Am]ough, but I still sta[Dm]y


If you want me to leave
[C]Then tell me to leave [Am]and baby I’ll go


[F] [Am] [C]
[F] [Am] [C]
[F] [Am [C]
[F] [Dm] [Am]
[F] [Dm] [Am]


You remind me [G]every day
I’m not [C]enough, but I still sta[Dm]y


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