Lea Michele – Christmas In New York Chords

Learn to play “Christmas In New York Chords” by Lea Michele. from the album Christmas In The City. 

Christmas In New York Chords Info

  • KeY: A
  • Chords: A, C#m, C#m7, G, D, Em, E, Bm, B
  • Suggested Strumming: DU DU
D = Down Stroke
U = Up Stroke

Chords Structures

A – x02220, 577655
C#m – x46654
D – xx0232. x57775
G – 355433
B – x24442,
Bm – x24432
E – x76454


[A] [E] [G]

[D] Thanksgiving day’s been put a[Bm7]way
[F#m] And the [G]final leaves have floated to the [D]ground
But [Em]landing on a [Em7]bed of snow feels [A]warm somehow
[D]We’ve [G]said goodbye to all the friends and [D]family we soon see again
[Em]Go to sleep and wake up to the [A]brand new scene
Then suddenly:


[D]Rockefeller’s covered in the lights
[Bm]Families are playing on the ice
[G]From Harlem to the Battery (Ooh-ooh)
[D]Every corner’s bustling
[Em7]Suddenly it’s [A]Christmas in New [D]York
Croquettes are warming up their kicks (Bum-bum-ba-la-la-la)
[Bm]Radio City sold out all of their tickets
The [G]windows on Fifth Avenue are [F#m]dressed up and they’re telling you (Ooh)
[Em7]Suddenly it’s [A]Christmas in New [D]York


Find me on [G]Broadway or at the [F#m]ballet (Ooh)
And I’m [Em]five years [A]old a[D]gain (Ooh)
Making my [G]wish list, but all I [F#m]wish is (Ooh-ooh)
For a[E7]nother Christmas [A]in New York


Oh, [D]Santaland is ready to debut (Ooh)
When [Bm]Macy’s is so packed, you can’t get through (Ah)
The [G]kids are lined up everywhere, [D]spilling out into the square (Ah)
[Em7]Suddenly it’s [A]Christmas in New [D]York


[E] Taxi
[C#m7]Take me straight to Central Park
You’ve got it, lady
[A] Welcome to the Empire [E]State building
[F#m7] Rockefeller Center
[E] Oh my god
[C#m]Isn’t the city beautiful?
This way, ma’am


[B] Find me on [G]Broadway or at the [F#m]ballet
And I’m [Em7]five years [A]old a[D]gain
Making my [G]wish list, but all I [D]wish is
For a[E]nother Christmas [A]in New York


[E]Can you hear the church bells ring-a-ling? (Ring, ring, dong, ring)
[C#m]As the choirs do their caroling (Here we go caroling)
The [A]Saint Patties activity is [E]something everyone should see (Ah, ah)
It [F#m7]even makes the [B]Grinch believe
[E]Central Park looks beautiful in white (Central Park looks beautiful in white)
[C#m]Cuddled up and meet the blanket, taking in the sides (Ah)
The [A]city is all red and green, [E]wrapped up like a gift for me (Ah)
[F#m7]Finally, it’s [B]Christmas in New [G#m]York
No, there’s [C#7]nothing better
[F#m7]We should all have [B,]Christmas in New [Cmaj7]Yo…..[F#m7]r[E]k [A]

Song Credit

  • Christmas in New York
  • Lea Michele
  • Produced by Peer Åström & Adam Anders
  • Album Christmas In The City



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