Ezekiel Tirona – Phony chords by Misc Originals

Ezekiel Tirona - Phony

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  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Chords: G, Bm, Em, Cm
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
 G – 320003
Bm – x24432
Em – 022000
Cm – x35543
  G – 0232
Bm – 4222
Em – 0402
Cm – 0333
G Bm Em Cm [Verse]
G It's only been days since we

turned the last page
Bm Just one twist of fate

was enough to

set things straight
Em Oh, they said we've got too
much on our plates
G And the people they object that

this happened for the best
Bm Tangled ties have been met,

shattered hearts

all that's left
Em Oh, put mine on display,
place it on the shelf
G But I still hear the stories

talkin' 'bout our history
Bm And I can't help but wonder

if you just threw me under
Em The bus on the side, when

all I did was try and try
Cm Will you remember me once

you've obtained your glory?
G You phony Bm You're still thinking of holding me Em In the kitchen where

we would dance
Cm Maybe this happened

all 'cause of chance
G You liar Bm You know I'm what you desire Em Quit hidin' from the truth,

you hope for me when

they're with you
Cm Put an end to this game, for

you're the one that

I should blame
G [Verse]
G Too bad that you twisted

your lies overnight
Bm Words just like the knife, sharp
and sacred despite the apologies
They mean nothing that
you promised me
G But lately, I am usually

two steps ahead
Bm With the force-field

of a threat,

I use as my defense
Em Oh, I'm so scared in these
walls I put up for myself
G But I still hear the rumors

saying we had a future
Bm And I cannot

believe how tough

it was to leave
Em That's what you could've said,

but you ruined us instead
Cm Would you still take me back if

I gained the courage to ask?
G You phony Bm You're still thinking of holding me Em In the kitchen where

we would dance
Cm Maybe this happened

all 'cause of chance
G You faker You're wishing you
didn't break her
Em Quit lyin' to yourself,

you know damn

well this is hell
Cm If this was all a game,

you'd be the

only one at blame
G Bm Oh-oh-oh, the living room light

is a lot sadder tonight
Em Cm Oh-oh-oh, and the moonlit shadow

glow looks quite gloomy,

I should know
G Bm Oh-oh-oh, turn the television

on to distract

me from the sun
Em Bm Oh-oh-oh, I know I gave it my all

but you deserved
a little more
Bm Oh, I'm a phony I'm still thinking of
holding you tonight
Cm It's much darker tonight [Chorus]
G I'm lying Bm I'm the one out here trying Em In the kitchen,

I dance alone
Cm 'Twas bound to happen,

I should have known
G I'm faking I know you had to
go break this
Em But I'm begging on my knees,

please leave me with some ease
Cm I know damn well this ain't a game,

go point your finger on my name

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