Secrets chords by Dolly Parton

On the 4th of March 2022, the track was released.


Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: C
  • Chords: C, G, F
  • BPM: 74
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
 C – x32010
G – 320003
F – 133211
 C – 0003
G – 0232
F – 2010
C G C G [Verse]
F Secrets, you're good at keeping secrets C Especially your own F Aw, come on, open up

And let me in
F Everybody needs a friend Want you to know
You can depend on me
F (Mmm-mmm) [Verse]
F Secrets, all those things

You hold too close
C That you're afraid to share C But I care F Don't be afraid to open up F I'm someone that you can trust G And I will keep it between us C I swear [Bridge]
F No matter what's gone before F Don't hold it in one moment more C G C I'm here to lend a sympathetic ear F You don't have to hold inside F Things that need to

See the light
C I won't judge or criticize G C Just know you're safe with me G C G (Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm) [Verse]
F Secrets, you're good

At keeping secrets
C Especially your own C You're not alone F And you'll feel much better

If you try
F To put some faith in you and I F I don't gossip, I don't lie G C Try me [Outro]
F Secrets, I'm good

At keepin' secrets
G C G Especially my own C G (Mm-mm-mm) N.C. Secrets

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