Too Much Chords by girl in red

The track was written & produced by the girl in red & Matias Tellez.

Cm7 Dm Cm
Gm7/F Gm
Cm Don't you just love Adim To kill my light in my eyes? BbM7 To make me low when I'm high? Gm Oh.., whoa...., oh

(It's just a—, it's just a—)
Cm It's just a... joke Adim You always say afterwards BbM7 Still, my feelings get hurt Gm Gm Oh.., whoa...., oh oh [Verse]
Cm7 So, please F7 Don't say I'm too much BbM7 That I'm over the top Gm You don't understand me Cm7add11 F7 We're so different at heart BbM7 You're on Earth, I'm on Mars Gm7 Ahhh, ahhh [Bridge]
Gm7 Cm7 (All I ever wanted was your) love F7 I toned myself down for you BbM7 Volume one, almost mute Dm7 Gm7 I'll never ig-nite You always found a way to
bring me down
F7 You trivial-ized everything BbM7 From my tears to my grins Dm7 Gm7 Oh, whoa, oh, oh [Verse]
Cm7 It's like you're scared

of anything real (what!)
F7 For a second, I thought

you were sincere (wow!)
Dm7 But you've been dragging me down
all of these years (why!)
Gm7 With your coldness,

and I don't care
Cm7 So, please F7 Don't say I'm too much BbM7 F7/Bb That I'm over the top Gm7 Gm7/F You don't understand me Cm7 F Yeah, we're.... so different at heart Bb You're on Earth, I'm on Mars Gm Oh, oh [Bridge] Eb You go through life like you're on a— Eb You go through life like

you're on a f**king runway
F Dracula shoulders, baby,
blocking all my sun rays
Bb Gm This throwing shade is so passé Bb/F Eb (Forever is unlikely for us) Eb Opposites attract,

odds are more like Blackjack
F House always wins, so
I'm taking all my love back
Bb Gm With you, I lose either way......... [Verse]
C You think I'm weird

when I get too excited (why?)
F I think it's weird

how you're so empty minded (why?)
Bb Yeah, you've been dragging me
down all of these years....
Gm With your coolness,

and I don't care
Cm So, please.......... F Don't say I'm too much F7 BbM7/D BbM7 That I'm over the top BbM7/F Gm Bb/F You don't understand me Cm F F7 Yeah, we're so different at heart BbM7/D BbM7 You're on Earth, I'm on Mars Gm Bb But I still keep trying Eb Dm Cm
Gm7/F Gm

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: Cm
  • Capo: 5th fret
  • Chords: Gm7/F, Adim, BbM7, Cm7add11, BbM7/D, F7/Eb, F7/Bb, Cm7, Dm, Cm, Gm, F7, Gm7, Dm7, F, Bb, Eb, Bb/F, C, BbM7/F
  • BPM: 162
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord

Track Info

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