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Tor Sathe Guitar Chords

Song Info

Song: Tor Sathe
Singer: Sudipto Chowdhury
Music: Arindom
Lyrics: Prasen
Music Label: SVF Music
Language: Bengali
Country: India
Year: 2018   


Chords Details

This song is easy to play on guitar, even a beginner can try this to play. The base scale is C major. 

  • Scale: C Major
  • Chords: C, G, F,
  • Suggested  Strumming: D D UUD D


[C]  [F] [G]
[C]Bole dili tui aami [F]kichchu pari [G]na
[C]Sada kalo samaje ami [F]bachte jani[G]na
[C]Bole dili tui aami [F]kichchu pari [G]na
[C]Sada kalo samaje ami [F]bachte jani[G]na


[C]Darate pari[G]na [C]amar tor kach [G]theke
[C]Sotti na holeo baniye bole [G]de tui
Hoye [C]Chotto ekta palak aaj janla khule [G]de tui
Kaal [C]bhejanor dine ei to sobe [G]eli

Hoye [C]kaak bhejanor snann
[C]Bhije jaas na [G]chole
Hole hobe [F]aari noyto [G]bhab
Tor [C]sathe [G]tor [C]sathe


[C]Bhalo tha[F]kis bhaloba[G]sai
Chokhete [F]jol anis [G]na aa a
[C]Dekh [F]amar phire [G]ashaa aa aa

Hoye elo [C]samay
Dekh [G]abar tor [C]sathe [G]tor [C]sathe
[C]Hoye ja [F]tui hotat [G]bhalo
[C]Hoye ja [F]tui akash [G]kaalo o o
[C]Aami [F]hobo se rajku[G]mar

[C]Raate jele [Am]rakhar paasher [G]alo
Tor [C]kaache [G]tor [C]sathe


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