Waffle Stomp Chords by Joe Walsh

On the 30th of July 1982, the track was released. The track was written by Joe Walsh.

Waffle Stomp

Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(E A D G B E )
  • Chords: A, F7, E7, E, A7, D, B7, G
  • Key: A
N.C. A F7 E7 A N.C. [Verse]

N.C. The terminally bored A E Sit around with nothin' to do A N.C. They say work is hell F7 E7 A7 A Heaven knows it just ain't true [Verse]

A Well you can punch out your boss A Get fired from your job D Collect unemployment D For your own enjoyment A Take out the trash B7 Come down with a rash E7 Pick up disease [Verse]

A Have doughnuts and coffee A With Colonel Khadafi D Write a new novel D That's perfectly awful A Buy some new work boots E A Stomp on a waffle or two [Bridge]

D Take a long overdue vacation G Book yourself on a flight to the moon E7 A Volunteer for a brain operation E7 A Don't let nobody tell you that there's nothin' to do [Solo]
A D E7 A [Verse]

A Well you can jump off a roof A Pretend you can fly D Maybe you'll bounce D Maybe you'll die A7 Maybe you'll splat E7 And flap until that [Verse]

A Well, you can practice your bongo A Go to the Congo D Get lost on safari D Ask "Where the hell are we?" A Speak in Swahili E A They tell me that a lot of them do [Guitar Solo] A D A F7 E7 A7 [Verse]

A Talk on the phone A Call up the coast D Call up collect D Dial direct A7 Reverse the charges E7 If they accept, they're home [Verse]

A Or, you can go overseas A Speak Japanese D Buy a new Sony A They make great TV's A Do the Watusi E7 A Watch "I Love Lucy" too [Interlude]
A D G E A N.C. [Outro]

E A But don't let nobody tell you that there's nothin' to do A Well, well, well, well, well, well E7 E E7 A Don't let nobody tell you that there's nothin' to do

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