Warning Signs chords by Band of Horses

On the 4th of March 2022, the track was released. The track was written by Benjamin Bridwell.

Warning Signs

Track Info

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: A
  • Chords: Am, C, G, Em, D, Cmaj7, A
  • BPM: 131
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
 Am – x02210
C – x32010
G – 320003
Em – 022000
D – xx0232
Cmaj7 – x32000
A – x02220
 Am – 2000
C – 0003
G – 0232
Em – 0402
D – 2220
Cmaj7 – 0002
A – 2100
Am C G Em D [Verse]
Am Small talk with a registered nurse C Not to cry in front of

People at work
G Em Well that's hard, hard, hard,
At times you know
Am Get reminded of the earlier days C The end of April '78 G That was a long, long,
Em D
Long, long time ago
Am And you showed a lot of
Warning signs
G Em You made your own situation mine D Now your problem's mine [Chorus]
C D Em You don't want help D C D Em You don't need me D G C You don't look well D G C And you don't want anything D G You don't want anything [Interlude]
Cmaj7 D G Cmaj7 D G Cmaj7 N.C. C [Verse]
Am Slim pickings when the

Weather is snow
C Pretty winded on a bicycle G Em It's been quite, quite, quite,
Quite a row to hoe
Am A hot dinner on a souvenir plate C The part of town

Where the money ain't
G Em But things are fine, fine, fine,
We're on our own
C D Em We don't want help D G C D Em We don't take handouts D G C We won't seek sympathy D G C And we don't want anything D G C D G We don't want anything, we don't [Interlude]
Am C G Em D [Verse]
Am Get reminded of the

Earlier days, April '78
G Em D Long, long, long, long time ago Am C And you keep it bottled up inside and
G Em
let it out from time to time
D Yeah, the problem's mine [Chorus]
Am C I don't want help G Em I don't want counseling D I won't go to therapy Am C G Em D A I won't do anything, oh

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