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  • Tuning: Standard(E A D G B E)
  • Key: G
  • Chords: Em, C, E, A, Am, B, G, F#m, Bbm, Ab, Bb, F, D, Dm, Fm
  • BPM: 120
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Looks like you could use some help
From the Big Boss of Heck himself
E                 A      
Check out Daddy's glowing 
reviews on Yelp
Em Lucifer Muppets: "Five Stars!"
"Greater than great!"
Em A Oh, with the punch of

a pentagram
G C I wap-bam-boom, alakazam Em Usually, I charge
a sacrificial lamb
But you get the family rate! E "Thanks, Dad" C B Who needs a busboy now that
you've got the chef?
G (Woh-oh-oh!) C B Michelin tasting menu free
a la carte
C B G I'll rig the game for you because

I'm the ref!
A Champaign fountains Caviar mountains B Em That's just a start! Em Alastor: Who's been here

since day one?
C Who's been faithful as a nun? E A Makes you chuckle with
an old-timey pun
Your executive producer
That's true!
Em Alastor: I'm your guy A Your day-to-day B Your chum Am Your steadfast hotelier C Remember when

I fixed that clog today?
G Niffty: I was stuck,

thank you, sir!
Charlie: Oh you! C [Alastor:] I'm truly honored that
we've built such a bond
[Charlie: Aawww!] G Am Alastor: You're like a child that

I wish that I had
Lucifer: Uh, what? C B [Alastor] I care for you
just like a daughter

I spawned
Hold on now! It's a little funny F#m B You could almost call me Dad! B Bbm Bb (Lucifer plays violin) Bbm Ab G (Alastor play piano) G F (Lucifer play accordion) F Alastor: They say when
you're looking for assistance
C It's smart to pick the path
of least resistance
D Lucifer: Others say that
in your needy hour
G C There's no substitute for pure
angelic power!
Bb Who just happens to
also be your blood!
F Alastor: Sadly, there are times Bb A birth parent is a dud C They say the family

you choose is better
Lucifer: What a bunch of losers! Alastor: Can you butt

out of my song?
D Lucifer: Your song?

I started this!
F Alastor: I'm singing it,

I'll finish it!
D Lucifer: Oh you tacky piece of- C Mimzy: It's me! A Yes, it's me! Dm I know you were
all waiting for me
C I'm here A What a gas Dm Took a while but
I'm present at last!
D It's me G It's me Fm C Mimzzzyyyyyyy! Who?

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