Melatonin 130 Chords by Wilbur Soot

On November 30, 2023, the song was released, produced by Wilbur Soot. The guitar and keyboard in this track were also played by Wilbur Soot. The track is in the key of D major; to simplify the chords, use a capo on the 2nd fret.

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)
  • BPM: 130
  • Key: D
  • Capo: 2nd fret
  • Chords: C, C6, Em, G, B, B7
  • Suggested Strumming:
  • D= Down Stroke, U = Upstroke, N.C= No Chord
Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
C – x32010
C6 – x32210
Em – 022000
G – 320003
B – x24442
B7 – x21202
C – 0003
C6 – 0000
Em – 0402
G – 0232
B – 4322
B7 – 4320

Track Info

C6  G  B7
C6  G  B7
C6  G  B7
C6  G  B7
C6  G  B7
C6  G  B7
[Verse 1]
C6                      G     
  The melatonin doesn't work 
C6 G The Valium just stops the hurt, B7 But not the cortisol, C6 G If I can teleport from here, B7 I'll choose the Midway Atoll, C6 Or just the space in
between your neck,
B7 B Where it meets your shoulder, C6* G* But just this once,

(But just this once),
Em C I'd like to see the world
in three-dimensions.
[Verse 2] C6 G Keep wasting 'til you're shed,
we keep it simple,
C6 G The breathing exercises hurt
and don't do f*ck-all,
C6 G He said, "The beta-blockers work,
but there's a system,
C6 G The anxiety's not the cause,
it's just a symptom".
[Verse 3] C6* G B7 But I know you, C6 G I'll live with you until our
bones grow old,
C6 G I'll still pick you like a
scab or a mole,
C6 G And I'll pull you into a
dive or a stall,
C6 G Ain't that miserable? B7 C6 Ain't that miserable? G B7 Ain't that miserable ooh? [Bridge] C6 G Help, why the f*ck do I still
B7 C6
G B7 When I'm finally happy C6 G B7 Oh, oh, ooh, oooh, oooh C6 G B7 wa! Wa! Wa! Oh, hey, hey,
yeah, yeah, yeah
[Verse 4] C6 G So it turns out everyone
just hopes to God you're failing,
C6 G And if you claim that you eat my words, B7 Then take this as a warning, C6 G Nothing around here f*cking works, B7 We're just flat-out boring, C6 G We're all apes with a diary book, B7 B7* And corporate reads your pages. [Outro] N.C. I've just been doing, like,

music and stuff.

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