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Bohemian Rhapsody Chords By Queen

Presenting “Bohemian Rhapsody Chords” By Queen.

Bohemian Rhapsody Chords
Bohemian Rhapsody Chords

Chords Info

  • Tuning: Standard
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Key: G
  • Chords: Gm, Gm7, C7, Bb, F7, A, B, Ebdim, Fm7, Cm7

Chords Structures

Chords Structures
Gm7 – 353333
C7 – x32310
F7 – 131211
Cm7 – x35343
Bb – x13331
Bb/D – xx0331
A – x02220
Dbdim – x42020
Eaug – 032110
Ebdim – x1232x

Ddim – xx0131

Track Info

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
Artist: Queen
Produced by: Queen & Roy Thomas Baker
Album: A Night at the Opera


[Gm7]Is this the real life? [C7]Is this [Gm7]just [C7]fan – [Gm7]ta – [C7]sy?
[F7]Caught in a [Cm7]land – [F7]slide, no es[Bb]cape from [Cm7]re – [Bb]a – [F7]li – [Bb]ty.
[Gm7]Open your eyes, look [Bb7]up to the skies and [Eb]see.
[Cm7]I’m just a poor boy, I[F7] need no sympathy, because I’m
[B]easy [Bb]come, [A]easy [Bb]go, [B]little [Bb]high, [A]little [Bb]low.
[Eb]Anyway the [Bb/D]wind blows [Dbdim]doesn’t really [F7/C]matter to me, to [Bb]me.

[Verse 1]

[Bb]Mama just [Gm]killed a man, put a [Cm]gun against his head,
pulled my [Cm7]trigger, now he’s [F7]dead.
[Bb]Mama, life had [Gm]just begun, but [Cm]now I’ve gone and
[Baug]thrown it [Eb/Bb]all a – [Am7b5]way. [Abmaj7] [Gaug]


[Eb]Mama, [Bb/D]ooh……[Cm] didn’t [Fm]mean to make [Eaug]you [Ab/Eb]cry. [Dm7b5]
If [Bb7]I’m not back again this time to[Eb]morrow, car – ry [Bb/D]on, car – ry [Cm]on
as if [Abm]nothing really [Eb]matters. [Ab] [Eb] [Ebdim] [Fm7] [bb]

[Verse 2]

[Bb]Too late, my [Gm]time has come, sends [Cm]shivers down my spine,
body’s [Cm7]aching all the [F7]time.
[Bb]Goodbye, everybody, I’ve [Gm]got to go, gotta [Cm]leave you all
Beh[Baug]ind and [Eb/bb]face the [Am7b5]truth. [Abmj7] [Gaug]


[Eb]Mama, [Bb/D]ooh [Cm] [Fm]I don’t want to di[Eaug]e,[Dm7b5]
I [Bb7]sometimes wish I’d never been born at all


[Eb] [Bb/D] [Cm] [Fm] [Eaug] [Ab/Eb] [Dm7b5] [Bb7] [Eb] [Bb/D] [Cm] [Fm] [Eaug] [Ab/Eb] [Dm7b5] [Db] [Db/C] [Db/B] [Db/Bb]


[A] [D]I [A]see a [Adim]lit – tle [A]sil – hou – [D]et – to [A]of a [Adim]man.
[A]Scar – a – m[D]ouche, [A]Scar – a – m[D]ouche, [A]will you [Adim]do the [F]Fan – [D]dan – [A]go?
[Db/Ab]Thunderbolt and [Ab7]lightning [C/G]very, very [E7]fright’ning [A]me.
[N.C]Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo – Figaro, Magnifico-oh-oh-oh-oh…

[B]I’m [Bb]just a [A]poor [Bb]boy and [B]no – [Bb]bod – y [A]loves [Bb]me.
[Ab/Eb]He’s [Eb]just a [Ebdim]poor [Eb]boy [Ab/Eb]from a [Eb]poor [Ebdim]fam – i – [Eb]ly.
[Ab]Spare him his [Eb/G]life from this [F7]mon – stros – i – [Bb]ty.
[Ab] [Eb/G] [F#dim] [Fm7]

[B]Easy [Bb]come, [A]easy [Bb]go, [B]will you [Bb]let me [A]go? [Bb]Bis – [Eb]mil – [Bb]lah!
[Eb]No, [Bb]we will [Eb/Bb]not [Bb7]let [Eb/Bb]you [Bb]go. – [Eb]Let him go! Bismillah!
[Eb]We will not let you go. – Let him go! Bismillah! We will not let you go. – Let me go.
[Eb]Will not let you go. – Let me go. Will not let you go. – Let me go.


[Bm]No, [A7]no, [D]no, [Db7]no, [Gb7]no, [Bb7]no, [Eb]no. [N.C]Oh mama mia, mama mia,
[Eb]Mama [Ab/Eb]mi – [Eb]a, [Ddim]let [Cm7]me [Bb7]go. Be – [Eb]el – ze – [Ab]bub has a [D7]devil put [Gm]aside for [Bb]me,
[Bb7]for me, for me.


| [Eb] | | | [F] |

[Bb] So you think you can stone me and [Eb]spit in my [Bb]eye. [Db]
[Bb] So you think you can love me and [Eb7]leave me to [Ab]die.
[Fm]Oh, [Bb]baby, [Fm] can’t do this to me, [Bb]baby.
[Fm]Just gotta get [Bb]out, [Fm]just gotta get [Bb]right outta [Eb]here.

| [Eb] | | | [F] | [Gb] [Ab] [A] | [B7] | [Ab7] | [Bb7] |


**slowly, a tempo**
[Eb]Ooh….[Bb/D][Cm]. [Bdim]Ooh [Cm]yeah, [Bdim]ooh [Cm]yeah [Bb7] [Eb] [D] [Gm] [Ab] [Eb]
N[Cm]othing really [Gm]matters, [Cm]anyone can [Gm]see.
N[Cm]othing really [Abm]matters, [Ab/Bb]nothing really matters to [Eb]me.

[Eb] [Ab] [Eb] [Ebdim]
[Bb/D] [Bbm/Db] [C7] [C7-9] [C7] [F]

[Bb]Any – [F]way the [Abdim]wind [Gm7]blows.

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