Yamaha F310 – Still The Best Choice Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner

Yamaha F310

The F series guitars are known for their high quality and tone. The Yamaha guitars have been through a multitude of quality-checking processes as well as stringent quality testing. The combined effects of these efforts have led to a high level of durability and stability. These guitars exude the same level of enthusiasm that drives the creation of our premium lines, and they are the kind of instrument that excels equally well in the hands of novices and professionals alike.

The F310 puts the same emphasis on quality, design, and sound that is present in all Yamaha acoustics, and it does it in an impressively compact size. As a result, the Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar is an instrument of outstanding quality that can be had at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Its body is shaped like a battleship, which gives it a solid acoustic tone and makes it pleasant to play. Spruce is used for the top, while rosewood is used for the bridge and the fingerboard on this best-selling guitar.



The Yamaha F-series of Guitars has been subjected to several quality inspections, resulting in long-lasting and robust instruments. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player—the F310 has something to offer you—so grab it and start strumming!

The Indian F310 strikes the ideal balance between the industry’s highest quality standards and competitive pricing. It is an instrument created for novice players and more experienced musicians. The legendary Yamaha F310 is currently being produced in India. The F310 emphasizes quality, design, sound, and value in its offerings. The F310 provides exceptional value without sacrificing any of its superior build quality.

The lively tone produced by the spruce/meranti body offers a bright, sweet resonance that is reminiscent of Yamaha’s well-known FGs, and genuine rosewood is utilized for the fingerboard and bridge of the instrument. In addition, younger musicians are likely to have a greater appreciation for the manageability afforded by the device’s somewhat shallower body depth and intermediate scale length.

The Yamaha F310 acoustic folk guitar is all you have come to expect from the company that is now the market leader in the manufacture of musical instruments. On this remarkable instrument, the top is made of spruce wood, the back and sides are made of mahogany, and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. So if you are in the market for an incredible first guitar that will stoke the flames of your creative spirit, go no further than the F310.

Reasons to buy the Yamaha F310

Invest in this instrument because it offers-

  • The body is a traditional Western style, and the top is spruce.
  • The Dreadnought body design offers a solid acoustic tone while maintaining a pleasant playing experience.
  • Excellent performer with a full-bodied tone, superior playing comfort, and exceptional longevity.
  • The quality standard at Yamaha demonstrates the product’s high durability and stability.



The F310 features a comfortable, slender neck and a slightly shorter scale length, making it simpler to play the strings without sacrificing the instrument’s sound. In addition, it was done so that the F310 would be nice to the fingers of the player. As a result, it is appropriate for individuals of all ages.

Utilizing the same expertise that goes into our high-end professional instruments, our beginner players’ instruments are designed to be of the highest possible quality from the very beginning—constructed with an outstanding tonewood and a remarkable construction quality that enables it to provide well-balanced tones and a great feel consistently. The ideal guitar will serve you well for many years.


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A brief history of the Yamaha F310

The demand for acoustic guitars in the United States and other international markets presented the ideal chance for Yamaha to firmly establish itself in the mainstream during this period of explosive growth in the culture around the guitar. The products of Yamaha’s acoustic guitars had circulated across the Japanese market throughout the majority of the 1950s; yet, this decade brought about a shift in their acoustic history that was both for the better and good.

Demand for their instruments skyrocketed, and by 1966, they had successfully extended their operations into Europe and the United States markets. But what accounts for the rise in demand? It is almost impossible to talk about music from the 1960s without mentioning The Beatles, and surprise, they were also claimed to be associated with the success of Yamaha. It is more accessible to discuss music from the 1960s by mentioning The Beatles.

Aside from all this, Yamaha is unrivaled in its capacity as an engineering powerhouse to make high-quality guitars at affordable rates. The Yamaha F310 uses the successful formula that has characterized Yamaha’s line of acoustic guitars for many years.

What Specific Features Does The Yamaha F310 Possess?

When it comes to Yamaha, you will never be in the dark about where you stand. They have been at the forefront of engineering technology in various sectors for years, which shows in their products.

The Yamaha F310 is a guitar with a high degree of playability and might be considered the pinnacle of all-rounders. Its body is constructed out of a blend of tonewoods that are both cost-effective and meet the quality requirements of industry standards.

Spruce is used for the top of the Yamaha F310 Body. The use of spruce in the construction of guitars is widespread due to the material’s great tonal qualities, capacity to generate natural resonance, and stiffness, all of which contribute to the instrument’s ability to provide more consistent and durable performance.

A rosewood fretboard and locally sourced tonewoods are used in the production of the neck, which, like the body, follows the same pattern. Additionally, it is made with a length that is 634 millimeters shorter than standard. This slight change, combined with the neck’s reduced profile, makes the instrument more manageable for players of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned veterans.

The pricing of the Yamaha F310 is, nevertheless, a prominent selling feature for this model. The F310 is designed for musicians working with limited financial resources because of its low price point. However, one of the drawbacks of this guitar is that it is challenging to play since the body is so big and dreadnought-shaped. Although it does provide greater resonance and a full-bodied tone – since, well, it’s a full-body — the top frets of the fretboard are more challenging to access than they are with the cutaway version.

It should be fine for someone just starting. Because you are less likely to be hurriedly moving from one end of the fretboard to the other, you are more likely to be more focused on chords, regardless of whether they are open or barred. The F310 may be designed with a learning audience in mind, both in terms of its functionality and price point.

By the way, if you find yourself on the Yamaha website for any reason — whether it be to gawk at guitars, daydream about living the life of a motorcyclist, or verify the accuracy of my history lesson – I highly recommend taking a look at their section on sustainability.

There are a variety of projects that Yamaha is involved with around the communities from where they get their lumber. These environmental factors seek to work toward the facilitation of sustainable forests, the conservation of protected tree species, the reduction of waste, and the preservation of water resources.

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Closing Remarks

The Yamaha F310 is a guitar that performs well despite its relatively modest size. It claims to have a sound that is just as excellent as acoustics that cost three times as much, and it is pretty difficult to find fault with it from a manufacturer’s standpoint. The F310 generates a traditional acoustic feel and has a rich and complex tone. You’ll get a lot of resonance out of it, which is another benefit of a dreadnought’s vast, rounded body form and its relatively robust. Performance of the Yamaha F310 You’ll discover a familiar sonic warmth that is clear, well-rounded, and defined thanks to the combination of spruce and meranti in its construction. These are the kinds of features that are not typically available on inexpensive acoustic instruments. In addition, the finish of the F310 guitar is protected with a skinny layer of lacquer, which gives the device a delightfully glossy appearance.

Where are Yamaha guitars manufactured?

Indonesia, China

How do I find out if a Yamaha F310 is an original guitar or not?

Inside the sound hole we can see the yamaha F310 label.

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